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Interview with Professor Agustin Velloso
Civil war or 'coup d'état' in Palestine?

CSCAweb: February 14, 2007

Nominated by the Arab Cause Solidarity Committee and other organizations
Salah M. Salah, Palestinian, gets the 'VI Premio Juan María Bandrés'

CSCAweb: December 18, 2006

European Parliament resolution on the situation in the Gaza Strip
European Parliament / CSCAweb: November 20, 2006

Agustín Velloso: ¿Political change in the United States?
CSCAweb, november 13, 2006

Migration World Social Forum in Spain condemns Israeli Apartheid and calls for Right of Return
CSCAweb: 5-07-06

Statement by the Communist Party of Israel (CPI)
CP of Israel Stop the IDF crimes in Gaza and the West Bank!

Communist Party of Israel (CPI) / CSCAweb, June 30, 2006

Agustín Velloso: All against Hamas? No, all against the Palestinians
CSCAweb: 8-05-06

Communiqué of the Parliamentary Joint-group for Palestine and the Solidarity Network against the Occupation of Palestine
CSCAweb: 12-04-06

Letter to the President of the European Commission, Mr. José Manuel Durao Barroso
Plataforma Palestina Ahora / CSCAweb: 03-24-2006

Jerusalem and Ramallah heads of Mission. Report on East Jerusalem
CSCAweb: 21-12-05 (10 pp. - 36 KB)

Carsten Kofoed: "Communist" parties declare their support for the treacherous Iraqi Communist Party
- Statement by Communist and Workers Parties at International Meeting in Athens, 18-20 November 2005
Danish Committee for a Free Iraq / CSCAweb: 19-12-05

Freedom for our brothers from CPT, peace fighters in Iraq
ACVC / CSCAweb: 16-12-05

Barcelona, November 6 & 7, 2005
3rd General Assembly of the Euromed Trade Union Forum: "Towards peace, democracy, economic progress and social justice"

CSCAweb: 17-11-05

Bombings in Amman: CSCA Statement
CSCAweb 15th November, 2005

Agustin Velloso: Sanson comes back to Gaza
CounterPunch / CSCAweb: 24-10-05

The "Oil for Food" affair
Statement by Gilles Munier, Secretary General of the French-Iraq Friendsdhip Organisation: "I pay for my support to the Iraqi people"
CSCAweb: 24-10-05

Down with the colonial Constitution is the task of all Iraqis
Iraqi Patriotic Alliance / CSCAweb: 3-10-05

Hisham Bustani: The Deleted Memory: Inventing 'Palestine' and Discovering 'Lebanon'
Al-Adab Magazine / CSCAweb: 2-09-05

Call to action: "Terrorists" in hunger strike
Anti-imperialist Camp / CSCAweb: 2-09-05

Emergency campaign to defend Iraqi resistance conference: Europe's peoples quest for just peace in Iraq cannot be stopped by US
The Organising Committee / CSCAweb: 2-09-05

Public petition of support to the International Conference: "Leave Iraq in peace; support the legitimate popular resistance"
CSCAweb: 19-08-05

Hisham Bustani: No for "Israel" on 1967-stolen Land. Yes for "Israel" on 1948-stolen Land!!
CSCAweb. 10-08-05

It is a Crime!!: Al Nahda Statement on the London Bombs
Al-Nahda / CSCAweb: 11-07-05

Palestinian Civil Society Calls for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel Until it Complies with International Law and Universal Principles of Human Rights
Badil / CSCAweb: 11-07-05

A Human Rights Review on the EU and Israel (2003-2004)
REMDH / CSCAweb: 29-06-05 (56 pp. - 155 KB)

Agustín Velloso: Israel starts business in Equatorial Guinea. Disaster closes in Obiang Nguema's regime
CSCAweb: 27-06-05

Agustín Velloso: Iraqi freedom fighters' violence and other people's ethics
CSCAweb: 10-06-05

Support the Iraqi Resistance!
Towards the fifth anniversary of the Intifada: Build international support for the Iraqi Resistance!

CSCAweb: 29-04-05

Call for action
Towards Building a Resistant Arab People's Alliance

CSCAweb: 25-04-05

Interview with Arab Lotfy
CSCAweb: 20-04-05

Interview with Yahya Abu Safi, representative of the Popular Committees for the Right of Return
CSCAweb: 15-04-05

Analysis and proposals to work on within the frame of the 3rd Cairo Conference. Arab Cause Solidarity Committee, Spain
CSCAweb: 11-04-05

1st Spanish State Meeting in Solidarity with Palestine: Conclusions
CSCAweb: 11-03-05

Roni Ben Efrat: On the Narrow Shoulders of Abu Mazen
CSCAweb: 11-02-05

The Resistance is over; enter the Guerrilla
CSCA Statement - CSCAweb: 7-02-05

Hisham Bustani: The Jordanian Government attacks the Union of Professional Associations (UPA) over its anti-Zionist anti-Occupation Positions
UAP / CSCAweb: 31-01-05

A Declaration for Life
Arab Nationalist list / CSCAweb: 28-01-05

Final Communique of International Ministerial Meeting of the Neighboring Countries of Iraq, the G8 and China
CSCAweb: 29-11-04

Israeli Authorities Seek to Dismantle WAC­MAAN
Worker's Advice Center / CSCAweb: 19-11-04

Oleiros' Mayor is threatened by Victor Harel, Israel's Ambassador in Spain
CSCAweb: 19-11-04

Agustín Velloso: On Falluja Resistance
CSCAweb: 17-11-04

Agustín Velloso: Why does Sharon not kill Arafat?
CSCAweb: 28-10-04

Don't let them murder Fallujah
Stop the War Coalition / CSCAweb: 22-10-04

The Beirut declaration
CSCAweb: 8-10-2004
Declaration of an international strategy meeting of anti-war and anti-globalisation movements in Beirut, Lebanon on 17-19 September 2004

Urgent Appeal from the Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC), Gaza Strip
UHWC / CSCAweb: 6-10-04

An Appeal for the Release the Italian and Iraqi Aid Workers Abducted in Baghdad
CSCAweb: 24-09-04

Saddam Hussein Legal Defense Committee issues Statement
Free Arab Voice / CSCAweb: 08-27-04

About the theatre of the "transfer of state power", Iraqi Patriotic Alliance
IPA / CSCAweb: 06-23-04

'Report of the Inquiry into the Alleged Commission of War Crimes by Coalition Forces in the Iraq War during 2003'
'Peacerights' / CSCAweb: 19th-05-04

Francisco Ortega: Mexican Workers Illegal Traffic to Iraq
'Unomásuno'/CSCAweb: 21st-05-04

Final Statement of the Foundational National Conference Iraqi / CSCAweb: 05-17-04

Against the fraud of the "power transfer" process in Iraq. Let's mobilize against 30th June
CEOSI-PASI / CSCAweb: 05-14-04

Investigation of the 800th Military Police Brigade
CSCAweb: 05-12-04

Response to the Bush Declaration on the Palestinian Right to Return
CSCAweb: 04-23-04

Statement of the Arab Cause Solidarity Committee on the announcement of Rodríguez Zapatero ordering the withdrawal of the Spanish troops from Iraq
CSCAweb: 04-21-04

Statement of the Arab Cause Solidarity Committee regarding the attacks in Madrid and in response to speculations on its responsibility
CSCAweb: 03-12-04

The occupation is illegal. To resist is a right. Toward the creation of a unified, democratic front of resistance in Iraq. Tour of Spain by Awni al-Kalamyi, Iraqi Patriotic Alliance
CEOSI / CSCAweb: 03-01-04

Hans C. Graf Sponeck: "Will You Ever Forgive Us?": To an Unknown Iraqi
CSCAweb: 02-13-04

Loles Oliván: Paper presented to the Second Cairo Conference, December, 2004
CSCA & CEOSI / CSCAweb: 01-28-04

Open letter from the Arab-American and Muslim Community to the US Anti-War Movement
CSCAweb: 01-16-04

Statement of the Arab Cause Solidarity Committee: The apprehension and incarceration of Saddam Hussein will not bring about the end of the Iraqi resistance
Arab Cause Solidarity Committee / CSCAweb: 12-19-03

Continuing collateral damage: The health and environmental costs of war on Iraq, 2003
Medact / CSCAweb: 12-17-03

Ibrahim Alloush: Invitation to a Rally in Amman to conmemorate Aida Dabbas
CSCAweb: 12-11-2003

Istambul Mission Statement for the creation of an International Tribunal of Justice on the War and Ocupation on Iraq
CSCAweb: 11-7-2003

Legal Inquiry into Aspects of the Military Operations against and Subsequen Occupation of Iraq during 2003. Saturday 8th November, 2003, Old Theatre, London School of Economics, London. 'Briefing Paper'
CSCAweb: 11-3-2003

The Madrid Statement against Madrid Donors Conference: No money for the occupation! Iraq is not for sale
'Occupation Watch Iraq' / CSCAweb: 10-20-2003

Conclusions from the Spanish Meeting of Solidarity with Iraq
CSCAweb: 21 & 22 june, 2003

"Evaluation of the attacks on the civilian population of Baghdad carried out by the governments of the United States of America, the United Kingdom and allied countries between 20 March and 15 April 2003" , Spanish Brigade Against the War CSCAweb: 5-23-2003

Statement from the Arab Cause Solidarity Committee: The war against Iraq is not over. Continue to mobilise in solidarity with the Iraqi people and against the occupation CSCAweb: 05-21-2003

Statements and reports from the Spanish Brigade in Baghdad
CSCAweb: 03-25-03

We're Staying On Spanish Brigade in Baghdad/ CSCAweb: 03-21-03

Agustín Velloso: Palestinian leaders disgrace themselves while Israel gets a new victory for free CSCAweb: 03-17-03

Brigades to Iraq against the War 'Mohammad Belaidi' CSCAweb: 02-5-03.

Fifth Spanish Delegation to Iraq CSCAweb: 01-7-02

Madrid, 16 and 17 november, 2002:

International meeting Against the War:
Stop the War against Iraq before it starts

John Catalinotto: London, Rome, Madrid: Hundreds of thousands denounce Bush/Blair war drive IAC/CSCAweb: 01-10-02

Abstract: "Agustín Velloso: Palestinian Human-Bombs, Human Rights and Amnesty International" CSCAweb, 08-12--02

Letter to the intellectuals and artists from the United States that undersigned the 'Not in our name' call: We won´t deny our consciousness CSCAweb, 07-26--02

Scott Ritter: Behind 'Plot' on Hussein, a Secret Agenda ISM / CSCAweb 06-28-02

Security forces arrested four activists and closed down the complex of the Union of Professional Associations in Amman CSCAweb 06-26-02

The EU Committee on Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Common Security and Defence Policy backs a proposal regarding the military intervention against Iraq CSCAweb 06-14-02

The US and the new resolution 1409 on Iraq: Maintain the Embargo, Lie to International Opinion, Gain Time for the War CSCAweb 05-22-02

Egyptian intellectuals, artists and professionals announce the beginning of a sit-in and a hunger strike in solidarity with Palestine CSCAweb 04-26-02

El Proceso a Sharon en CSCAweb

English link:

Statement of the lawyers of the victims of Sabra and Shatila on the decision of the Court of Appeals in Brussels
June 26, 2002

Communiqué of the lawyers of the Sabra and Shatila victims in the wake of the hearing in Brussels, 15 May 2002
May 23, 2002

Committees of the International Campaign on Sharon War Crimes Suit
February 28, 2002

Belgian Court Case Charging Ariel Sharon with War Crimes Enters New Stage: Lawyer Affirms that "Principles, not Politics, Undergird this Case."
December 10, 2001

Palestinian refugees Mahmud Yunis and Sanaa al-Hussein from Shatila successfully tour the Spanish State in support of the case against Ariel Sharon
September 16th to 23rd, 2001

International Meeting against the Euro-Mediterranean Project
and Capitalist Globalization in the Arab World

Tribute to the Palestinian People
Valencia, April 19th ­ 21st, 2002
Organized by:
Revolta and Arab Cause Solidarity Committee (CSCA)

Activists Dr. Hisham Bustani and Engineer Shadi Mdanat were arrested CSCAweb 04-11-02

No more economic sanctions. The iraqi people have suffered enough! CSCAweb 03-20-02

Memorandum of the International Progress Organization concerning the international crisis resulting from the ongoing comprehensive sanctions against the people of Iraq and the threat of the use of force against Iraq International Progress Organization, 02-18-02 / CSCAweb 02-28-02

James Petras: The Centrality of the State in the Contemporary World CSCAweb, 12 February, 2002

James Petras: "Israel and the U.S.: A Unique Relationship" CSCAweb, 17 January, 2002

Five Palestinian minors from the Occupied Territories, sustaining injuries as a consequence of Israel military repression during the Intifada, will arrive in Madrid next Saturday, January 12th CSCAweb, 4th January, 2002

A 100-member Spanish delegation of organizational and institutional representatives will travel to Iraq in order to express their opposition to the sanctions and the threat of a new military intervention against the country CSCAweb / SCLSI, 2nd January, 2002
Hisham Bustani: 'No to Sanctions on Iraq, No to Occupation of Palestine': The Spanish State Delegation's Solidarity Visit to Jordan CSCAweb, 14 January, 2002

A Christmas Story: "The Nativity in the Occupied Territories" by James Petras (CSCAweb, December 20, 2001)

Pan-Arab Gathering against Globalization (CSCAweb, 30 october, 2001)

Three Iraqi children arrive in Spain to undergo medical treatment at Madrid La Paz Hospital within the frame of the Spanish Campaign for Lifting the Sanctions on Iraq (CSCAweb, 9 October, 2001)

Two million pencils collected by the Spanish Campaign for Lifting the Sanctions on Iraq will be shipped to Iraq next Thursday October 11th from Valencia (CSCAweb, 8th october, 2001)

ACSC´s report on nazi infiltrations in the field of solidarity with Palestine (09-24-2001)
Solidarity with Palestine in Spain (09-6-2001)

'Act Now to Stop War & End Racism'

James Petras: September 11, beyond the human tragedy: The other World Trade Center/Pentagon November 4, 2001. CSCAweb

Hisham Bustani: Repression by the 'Force of Law'. The Reflection of the Imperialist Project and the Post-September-11-World on Liberties in Jordan (CSCAweb, 17 October, 2001)

Washington DC: The September 29th Anti-War, Anti-Racist rally and march was a great success (International Action Center) IAC, 10-02-2001

The Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR, USA) has published a factsheet on Afghan history (1979-2001). The factsheets briefly examines the development of armed conflicts in the Asian country (Soviet occupation, civil war, and the Taliban regime), and it analyzes the role played by Pakistan in the on-going conflict. (Text in English):

A Call to Join a New Anti-War Coalition. International ANSWER*
(*): A.N.S.W.E.R.: Act Now to Stop War & End Racism
September 29: National March, Washington DC, and International demostrations
October 12-13: International Days of Action Against War and Racism
International Action Center, 09-16-2001
More info:

"Let's really help the September 11 victims: War & racism are not the answer. National March in Washington DC. Saturday, September 29, Rally 11 a.m. at the White House Signers: Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General; Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Auxiliary Bishop, Catholic, Archdiocese of Detroit; Samia Halaby, Al-Awda Palestine Right of Return Coalition; Barbara Lubin, Executive Director, Middle East Children's Alliance; Nania Kaur Dhingra, Sikh Student Organization, George Washington University; Chuck Kaufman, National Co-Coordinator, Nicaragua Network; Njeri Shakur, Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement; National Lawyers Guild
[List in formation]

Noam Chomsky: On the Bombings September 13th, 2001

The humanitarian situation in Iraq, the humanitarian program 'Oil for Food', and Human Rights July 2001

Palestinian plaintiffs against Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for the massacres of Sabra and Chatila in 1982 and one of their lawyers will tour Spain September 16th to 23rd, 2001

Letter of support and solidarity from Jordan to the Genova Social Forum Amman, 22th July, 2001

A preliminary report by the Committee of Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Common Security and Defence Policy of the European Parliament backs the most interventionist and aggressive positions of the new Bush Administration against Iraq Arab Cause Solidarity Committee, 14 July 2001

Text of the Mitchell Report Published by Ha'aretz (May, 2001)

Anti-imperialist Solidarity Meeting of Latin American Organizations in Baghdad Organised by SCLSI. (2 & 3 May, 2001)

In commemoration of the 10 years of war and sanctions on Iraq. Messages from Ramsey Clark and Hans von Sponeck to the Spanish Campaign for Lifting the Sanctions on Iraq Public Conference organised in Madrid by SCLSI to conmemorate the 10 years of war and sanctions on Iraq. (Sunday, 4th March 2001)

Report on the Brussels DU Conference "Victims speak" by Paddy Colligan (International Action Center). Soldiers, doctors testify on effects of Depleted Uranium. 1-2 of March, 2001.

Table of Contents. Prologue by Denis J. Halliday "International Law and Interventionism in the 'New World Order'. From Iraq to Yugoslavia". Selected papers from Madrid International Conference "Interventionism against International Law: From Iraq to Yugoslavia. Recoursing to economic sanctions and war in the New World Order". November, 1999 (Edited by CSCA, 2001)

Gijón International Conference "Depleted Uranium: Health, Ecological, Economic and Legal aspects of the use of radioactive conventional weapons"

- Message from Ramsey Clark to the Gijon, Spain Conference on Depleted Uranium, Nov. 25-26, 2000. An International Appeal to Ban the Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons
Arab Cause Solidarity Committee. November, 2000

Madrid International Seminar. 1991-2000: The Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process. A Critical Evaluation of the Negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel. Introduction and Programme. Arab Cause Solidarity Committee. October, 2000

Madrid International Conference: "Interventionism against International Law: From Iraq to Yugoslavia". Executive summary and needed actions Spanish Campaign for Lifting the Sanctions on Iraq. November, 1999