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Mundo árabe

Pan-Arab Gathering against Globalization

Beirut, 3 y 4 November, 2001

The Arab Cause Solidarity Committee (ACSC, Spain) will participate in the next Pan-Arab Gathering Against Globalization to be held in Beirut next 3-4 November, 2001

CSCAweb, 30 October, 2001

As part of the action undertaken by the core founding group made up of dozens of Lebanese, Palestinian, and other Arab activists and grass-roots organizations towards the setting up of a pan-Arab anti-globalization movement, "The first Pan-Arab Gathering Against Globalization: The Challenges of Globalization after 11 September" will be organized at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut-Lebanon on 3 and 4 November 2001.

International and Arab activists will take part in this event namely Jose Bouvé of the French Agricultural Unions, Christophe Aguitton from ATTAC, and Jean Claude Amara of Droits Devant in addition to several activists from Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, and others.

The Gathering aims at achieving the following objectives:

- Monitoring the latest international developments and what is now called "the war on terrorism" and position this within the current process of

- Encourage debate amongst participants on the various issues related to globalization through addressing its economic, cultural, social and political implications.

- Create space and opportunities for exchanging relevant experiences and for exploring alternatives for various areas and aspects affected by
globalization (women and gender relations, environment, social benefits, agriculture, rural development, etc.).

- Creating an Arab framework for action.

In order to achieve the above objectives, the main axis of the Arab Gathering will be the following:

  • First axis: The new face of globalization (security, military, etc).
  • Second axis: Implications of globalization for the Arab world (economic, social, cultural etc.).
  • Third axis: Towards an alternative globalization (anti-globalization movements).
  • The program of the Gathering includes a number of workshops which address critical issues affected by globalization namely women, environment, social benefits, agriculture, rural development as well as other topics.

    As part of the preparatory process for the gathering, the core group suggests that discussions among women and men signatories take place within their own countries. Arab and local development organizations are also encouraged to participate actively in this event.