Translation into English by CSCA


Letter of support and solidarity from Jordan to the Genova Social Forum

Amman, 22th July, 2001

Dear Comrades and friends,

It is in the names of the Liberties Committee of the Union of Professional Associations (a committee focused on civil liberties and human rights brached from the Union of Professional Association -UPA-, the largest civil socitey organization in Jordan comprised of 13 professional associations with 130,000 members), and the Socialist Thought Forum (an indipendent organization focused on socialist studies), that I convey to you our strong and concrete support and solidarity to what you are fighting for in favor of the under developed countries and the supressed and poor nations and people
around the world.

This comes in a strange paradox where the concious-awake masses in the north fight against the Globalization strike team: WTO, IMF and the World Bank, while the governments of our countries in the south fight AGAINST their people, and throw themselves at the feet of these global organizations, blinding themselves from the swampy future awaiting near the corner.

I also would like to extend our strongest condemnation to the cold-blooded murder of the martyr Carlo Giuliani of the Tute Bianche Movement (as we understood from news coverages) by the Italian police, and the uncountable injuries inflicted on thousands of protestors, which served nothing but to unmask the ugly face of GLOBALIZATION and CAPITALISM, and removed the thick make-up of "democracy" and "human-rights" underwitch it was hiding.

We had the bad luck of only watching your struglle on the televesion, although we were keen on being there with you, fighting the battle for justice and freedom, just as we fight it still against the only by-law racist structure remaining on earth: the zionist entity "Israel", which also serves as a front fortress for Capitalism and Golbalization to tighten the hold on arab oil (the blood of the industrial world), infiltrate the local
arab economies and reshape the arab region completely to fit the "new world order".

We want you to know that as our people suffer the consequences of Capitalism and Globalization, especially in Palestine and Iraq, we highly appreciate your just position and struggle, and let me again express our deepest solidarity, and I urge you to keep us informed, and we hope that you will pass this letter to all interested, organizations, media and individuals. Also, we extend our condolonces to the family of Carlo Giuliani, the Martyr of Justice and Freedom, and kindly ask you to relay this letter to them.

Awaiting your information.

In Solidarity,

Dr. Hisham Bustani
Liberties Committee of the Union of Professional Associations.
Executive Board of the Socialist Thought Forum