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ACSC´s report on nazi infiltrations in the field of solidarity with Palestine

Nota informativa

Solidarity with Palestine in Spain

Madrid, September 6, 2001

The Arab Cause Solidarity Committee (ACSC) would like to express the following:

1. We would like to manifest in a public manner our refusal against the racist, anti-Jewish and neo-nazi ideas and contents that have circulated during the past months amongst people and organizations subscribed to the e-mail news list "Al Awda Español" (Coalición Palestina por el Derecho al Retorno), an initiative originated in the United States devoted to the defence of the right of return for Palestinian refugees. Without questioning the initial motivation of the individuals who started this project in Spain, the ACSC would like to denounce that, after numerous protests written by some members of the list, the moderator(s) have not rejected these racist opinions and have allowed these messages to circulate under the pretext of defending freedom of expression, to a point where even the Holocaust against Jews perpetrated by Nazi Germany has been negated. We believe that in supporting the Palestinian people and its national rights not everything is permissible. We cannot allow the fair claims of the Palestinian people to be manipulated and usurped in order for some groups to justify nazi-like, fascist, and anti-Jewish ideas, as it has been happening.

2. As taught by the contemporary history of the Middle East and the daily realities experienced by the Palestinian people under Israeli occupation, we believe that solidarity with Palestine is essentially a fight for national liberation, as well as a combat against one of the most aberrant forms taken by colonialism, racism and fascism during the past century, i.e. Zionism. We believe Zionism to be a project of negation and genocidal annihilation of a whole people (the Arab inhabitants of historic Palestine) in order to create and maintain an ethnically pure state, as it has been recently denounced in the World Conference Against Racism that took place in Durban, South Africa.

3. The ACSC has been manifesting since the beginning of the current Intifada its great concern about the sudden appearance within the field of active solidarity with the Palestinian people in Spain of what are fundamentally anti-Jewish and strictly pseudo-Islamic confessional contents, introduced by a number of organizations during the past year in the field of solidarity with Palestine. These calls have had the support of specific religious institutions and Arab and Muslim embassies in Spain. The ACSC believes that the ideas reflected in these are directed towards the reappearance of confessional and neo-nazi hereby denounced actually favour Israeli interests because they try to show the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as an old-time religious conflict. Even if the majority of the Palestinian people profess Islam as a religion, the Palestinian project for national liberation has always had as its strategic objective the establishment of a democratic, non-confessional State in Palestine as opposed to the theocratic, ethnically-based and racist State represented by Israel. The legacy of the Palestinian revolution during this past century to the Arab and Third World peoples has been the union of anti-colonial and anti-imperialist contents with progressive and democratic contents related to the transformation of the current social order. This should be the strategic base for the development of our solidarity with the Palestinian people, particularly when the US politics in the Middle East region is based on the establishment of a New Regional Order based in the extreme radicalisation of the military brutality exerted by Israel and the support in favour of corrupt and repressive Arab regimes.

We hereby call upon the organizations inside Spain not to tolerate and to denounce those who, under the banner of solidarity with Palestine, are trying to re-enact reactionary, racist, and nazi-fascist contents, hence corrupting and spoiling all activities of solidarity with the Palestinian people and its sacrifice and fight for its national and social liberation.

Madrid, September 6th 2001