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Hall, the game of corruption

Wednesday 12 August 2009, by sods

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The first fruit ripens and then falls. With a little luck, following the natural rhythms, rots after being exploited by worms. The seed may be futile and will be better this way. Another consignment of rotten fruit can spoil this democracy light. 500,000 cases pending in the courts of Madrid could suggest that where you got justice. Sale to the procedure of rotten fruit. Between coming and going, deferrals, quotes ... when it reaches the day of the trial nor the prosecutor had agreed to what ido.

It is coincidence that two mayors from neighboring towns in a period of 15 days notice has been pending with the courts. And what is that a mayor would be going if not by a court. What we would be dealing with a new case of honesty? Unfortunately for the characters here is that media are not as Julián Muñoz. If not, I still came out winning!

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