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The September 23 auction health Madrid

Aguirre calls "Construction, Financial Institutions, Consultants" under the slogan "seize opportunities for your company nogocio" for the presentation of the new health plan.

Thursday 18 September 2008

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The next September 23 is a key date in the process of privatization of Public Health that the Autonomous Region of Madrid is running.

The Speaker of the House, Esperanza Aguirre, announced in his inaugural speech construction during this term of 4 new hospitals and more than 55 health centres, as well as the comprehensive reform of several of the "old" hospitals.

In recent months we have known that the plans of the Ministry regarding the new health centres is to make administrative concessions. The 6 new hospitals whose management has spoken so much lately, are concessions of land. In this type of concession, the CAM gave public land to a company which is responsible for raising and equipping the hospital and receives in return, the management of all the same non-health services (administration, summoning of patients, exploitation of parking, catering, cleaning, security, technical ,...) as well as an annual fee for "rental" of the facility for a minimum of 30 years, the Ministry reserving the power to appoint personnel and health care of their terms of appointment .

The hospital Valdemoro served as the experience to go one step further: the American multinational venture capital Apax Partners decides, in addition, the recruitment policy, incentives and working conditions of health personnel (doctors and nurses). That is, a business for profit (remember that the way to earn money in private enterprise is to save costs) decides on supplies, the provision of diagnostic resources and employment policy of the same, spending on medicines and other treatments, the number of doctors and nurses and their working conditions, ... It seems obvious that horrid health posts, escatimando diagnostic tests, cheap treatments, and giving priority to those techniques and services more "profitable" (radiology, surgery short stay, ... etc.). Apax Partners earn more money, and that if maintains the current health conditions without skimp on care (even in patients "less profitable", those with chronic diseases or more aging), your business is not profitable.

Thus, it is expected that 4 new hospitals and possibly the 55 new health centres adopt this formula administrative concession. And to clarify things, the Ministry of Health has organized on September 23 a major event for the business world, organized by Expansion Conference sponsored by Ribera and Health (concessionaire for the management of all public hospitals under concession management Valencia) and Atos Origin, (important business sector information technology), where those most responsible for the Ministry of Health of the CAM detailing "The new model construction, financing and maintenance of infrastructures Health Plan 2007 — 2011 de la Comunidad de Madrid ", with the slogan" Learn the peculiarities of the new specifications of the new administrative plan and take advantage of business opportunities for his company. "

It clarifies that the meeting is aimed at "Construction, Financial Institutions, Economic Development Project Finance, Engineering, Health Insurance, Business Services Hospitals, health equipment companies,
Offices of lawyers and consultants "and tries to motivate ensuring that the" initial investment planned for this plan exceeds 1,000 million euros. "Registration, to prevent the entry of watching our costs 1,400 euros. Can Make public the conclusions of the meeting or what will be the only public money being pocketed companies awarded?

Concentration September 23 9H AND 18:30 H

My health is NOT a business
No privatization!

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