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"VARADERO. Where has the new M 501 BEGINS THE PLEASURE NAVAS DEL REY 15 minutes"

Thursday 4 December 2008, by sods

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Sale of whores my friend. This is a town that is provided. Brothel 3 - Libraries 1. Navas del Rey, where just an illegality and another begins. These are days of new terms to say the same: domestic terrorism, violence, abuse macho, ... Everything to qualify as unspeakable. The figures provided dance. That if they are 52, if 56, that if ... who cares, they are only numbers tell the judge calamita. We start from a society fálica, obscene in the treatment of women in the media, in advertising. But this is the free market and prostitution is a dignified exit will say Jose Luis Roberto Navarro, secretary-general (switch clubs). You will want for their daughters?

In the notice [1] of local ownership of the mayor of Navas del Rey, Jaime Peral, we can delight with the beautiful silhouette of a female in suggestive positions. This could lead to who actually cover the 34kms separating the local cartel of sexual exploitation in the 15 minutes they promise. The average result is 136 km / h, without stopping to park. And once the highway starts pleasure. It starts the road to the abyss, towards domination. Just the highway and starts trafficking. Just starting on the freeway and money laundering. And just the family, and Rouco of their own, are left to one side and sin, if you go too! Back home a pair of wafers to your wife and Holy Mass on Sunday. Amen. The hypocrites we are well, we disguise of good Christians but deep down we are as Pharisees as the rest.

For people who publicly rate the brothels of Navas, as a way of promoting tourism and for the people, does it also considered an adequate "job site" to promote the new generations, including their daughters, and if In this line of argument, it should seek "employment workshops" to perform the job with the greatest possible preparation. Fuck, yeah, but high standing

And Progress came by car and filled all of prostitution. In the first of "our" politicians for a fistful of coins to waive the ethics and what is put. "Because you pay there is prostitution" reads the campaign’s Ayto. Madrid. But here in the Sierra west of progress associated with the M-501, the first to have exploded, and never better, the highway are pimps. It is no longer necessary to go to exotic countries in search of commercial sex, Navas del Rey is the fate that was looking for, putero!


[1M-501, km.6