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With regard to macro-urban "The Dehesillas" in Cebreros (Avila)

Promoted several challenges of the municipality council of Cebreros

Wednesday 29 October 2008, by sods

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The potential incompatibility of two councilmen of the PSOE and the PP,
would derive from professional intermediaries or efforts
in the purchase of land for their societies and Enrique Ventero

The draft "The Dehesillas" has been nurturing the acquisition
Soil rustic, that the pending amendment of the Rules Municipal
seeks reclassified as land bounded

Unión Sindical de CC.OO. Ávila - Sierra Oeste Desarrollo S.O.S.tenible - Gredos Verde Centaurea - Asociación en Defensa del Alberche - Asociación Geográfica Ambiental

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Ayuntamiento de Cebreros

As is widely known in the town of Cebreros, according to numerous testimonies collected by themselves and demonstrations held before the City Council on the matter, that the councilors of the PSOE D. Pedro Gonzalez and Jose Munoz D Alberto Gonzalez Munoz have been able to operate intermediate in the sale of land in the area called "The Dehesillas," acting for, representation or custom builder D. Enrique Ventero Terleira or their companies, in the rustic floors that changes in the process of planning requirements have Municipal future status of land bounded. " This is promoted by disqualification in the writings of the organizations’ Union CCOO de Avila, Sierra West Development, Gredos Verde, Centaurea, Alberche Association in Defense of Environmental and Geographical Association.

Similarly, with regard to the disqualification of the PP councilor Ms Ana Maria Gonzalez Lastras, raised in those letters the action of her husband in brokering the possible purchase of land.

Pedro Jose Munoz, General Secretary of PSOE de Avila, and his brother Albert, as councilors of Cebreros, allegedly involved in the promotion and creation of the draft "The Dehesillas" from his own home. In recent days of last September, the Mayor himself Cebreros, D. Angel Luis Munoz Alonso, referring the situation of the PSOE in a radio station, with respect to the House that sought the approval of the planning requirements, asserting that: "key swords [brothers Munoz Gonzalez] must be involved in any inconsistency . In that regard, as they say, are part of the project in Las Dehesillas ".
The Act on Local scheme is limited regarding the causes of conflict and clearly establishes the need to reflect the possible activities of the municipal office, in the Registers of Interest, according to Art. 75.7 of Law 7 / 1985 dated April 2, Local Regime.

Like regulating the "causes of abstention" under Art. 28 of Law 30/1992 of the Legal Regime of Public Administration and the Common Administrative Procedure, which require those who may have personal interests or have provided professional services on the matter.

Known by the facts, and the mayor’s own demonstrations of Cebreros, it is inexcusable the formalization of the disqualification of the two councilmen of the PSOE and the PP councilor. Because they are bound by formal procedures required by laws, and the actual record in the register of interests of the City Council.

It will be recalled that the draft "The Dehesillas" of D. Enrique Ventero seeks the implementation of a macro complex of 3532 homes and golf 18 holes, a dam and a bridge during the Alberche, hotels and other facilities in an area of 244 hectares, that the existing rules Municipal Cebreros listed as rustic land. In fact, the firing of "The Dehesillas" and "The Lobera" were originally formed by many small plots "rustic", which have already been purchased by more than 70% by the company of Mr. Ventero knowing that enjoyed the political coverage of the City Council for "their" project. Indeed, the recent implementation of an amendment to the Rules Municipal, the processing is still ongoing (last September won the provisional approval of the City Council, as well as the proposed action on sectors D-1 and R-10 ), Seeks to reclassify as "land bounded"