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The paralyzes the draft Dehesillas

The Commission of Urban Planning rejected the planning of Cebreros

Friday 19 December 2008, by sods

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The Urban Land Commission has suspended the approval of the planning requirements of Cebreros, which gave free rein to urbanization The Dehesillas, which promotes Vemusa-owned by businessman Enrique Ventero-and that includes the construction of 3532 housing units, a golf course, hotels, a dam and a bridge over the river Alberche, in an area of 244 hectares.

According to the opinion of the commission, "is not fulfilled the necessary condition colindancia to the floor of an urban population center, not being able to frame the proposed project in any of the exceptions are justified."

In this regard, the CCOO and Centaurea emphasize that the site at which aims to get up the macrourbanización "far more than two kilometers from the urban core" and which sectors are "separate from the urban core by rustic floors of various categories."

It should be noted that it was in September when the City Council Cebreros gave the go-ahead to planning requirements and the proposed action on sectors SUD SUD D-1 and R-10, considering them "land-delimited," despite in the existing rules is listed as rustic land.

The zone was established, moreover, by numerous plots rustic, gained more than 70 percent of the company Ventero.

No guarantee of water

In addition to the resolution of the Commission of Urban Land, the Hydrographic Confederation of Tajo has issued an adverse report, to understand that they can not guarantee water demands. They also study the boundaries of public water and the channels concerned, an analysis of any impacts by "extraordinary flood" and the delineation of flood areas.

According explain CCOO and Centaurea, the commission points out, moreover, that the opinion of strategic assessment by the Ministry of the Environment "concretized the need to provide for the provision of water," to ensure that "the supply is dependent on the uptake water in the future dam the river Alberche "and that" the harnessing of the concessions must have administrative agency’s basin, "which have not been authorized.

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