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Human factor

Tuesday 11 November 2008, by sods

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Restos del accidente (SOdS)On Friday, 7 dawned with the news of a fatal accident at the M-501 because of a frontal collision at kilometer 31.

The incident took place in the stretch recently become motorway, this illegal work done by Mrs. Aguirre and coreada insistently by the mayors of the area, always with the "noble cause" to end forever with frontal collisions on this road.

The first headlines trying to give a "reasonable" explanation: it was a kamikaze. A man who is over 40 years, with a Seat Ibiza, 17 years old, at 5h. in the morning on a Friday does not appear to be the profile of kamikaze suicide practiced this game and murderer in the highway of Corunna and others like it, many of the times associated with betting large sums of money.

As happens in the morning opens the possibility of dismissal at the time of joining the highway, either from another highway (M-530) or from the service road, and so it seems that it is investigating the Guardia Civil.

Today, those who advocate an obligation to obey the law EVEN BY THE ADMINISTRATION AND THEIR RULERS, we would be easy to argue shamelessly manipulative in the line of those who extol the illegal road. We are not going to do. We regret the accident Like its predecessors, the Civil Guard will mark the causes of it and keep our position: the majority of accidents are human causes. And is not that what we say, is what they reflect the detailed reports from the Ministry of Interior on accidents on the M-501 in the past 10 years and involving 70 fatalities (not 200 as empacharon repeat of Mayors proclamations pro-highway).

Finally we think of a question: what if this fatal accident had occurred 10 miles below, on a stretch of highway offline? Sure that the popular outcry would have shaken each municipality, pointing to the road and environmentalists murderous accomplices. Also the media had taken many more lines to the brief communique from this accident. Someday, someone will study all this and assured that with surprising results.

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