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Refusal to water privatization in Madrid

Thursday 18 September 2008, by sods

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Ecologistas en Acción

During the discussion of the State of the Region, hopes Aguirre, has announced the approval of a law to create a limited company which manages the complete water cycle, in Madrid. Ecologistas en Acción describes this decision unconstitutional and sees a clear provocation to the central government. Also apply to the Minister for the Environment which relies on the new law as soon as effective and do not let Aguirre invading powers that correspond to the State.

Ecologistas en Acción described as unconstitutional and provocation, the decision to privatize water management in Madrid, announced by Aguirre hope. This organization basa its rejection in three key aspects.

Water management involves environmental and social actions not economically profitable. The fact that a private company, whose main objective is profit, operates a limited natural resource and low, as is water, put at risk environmental aspects that do not provide benefits. Everything concerning the environmental aspects (environmental flows, protection of rivers, sewage treatment, etc.) would be parked in the management not to be economically viable.

The low profitability of providing water to the most disadvantaged sectors could be another aspect that would be harmed. Something similar happened with the quality of drinking water. Al served as a monopoly, citizens would have no choice but to pay the water, at a price that is and regardless of their quality

The second reason is that to oppose the creation of this company is completely unconstitutional. The powers in water management in those basins that affect more than one Autonomous Region, such as the Tagus River, are the rule. In addition collides head on with the principle of watershed management unit established in the Water Framework Directive.

Finally, behind this decision lies the waiting Aguirre project to build two new dams in the region. One in the Sierra Norte, in the Valley of Puebla de la Sierra and another south, in Colmenar Ear. These dams also produce a huge environmental impact are completely unnecessary. On the one hand, because the current supply and future of the Madrid region is fully guaranteed with existing infrastructure. Moreover, these new reservoirs located in the valleys where the water resource is very small, would not provide virtually nothing to the existing water reserves.

Ecologistas en Acción, believes that this is another provocation characteristics waiting Aguirre to the State. This organization, asked the Minister for Environment and Rural Marino, Elena Espino, that this action of unconstitutionality against the law establishing the new corporation, as becomes effective. This Act will be a clear invasion of the powers of the State and the Ministry she directs, and a breach of the Water Framework Directive.

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