The Third Intifada: "Day Of Rage" And "Day Of Infamy"

Sunday 21 March 2010 by CEPRID

Agustin Velloso

It seems that yesterday, March 16th, the third Intifada of the Israeli era was unofficially started. Those that took place before 1948 are seldom mentioned, as if resistance was a new occurrence.

People forget the Arab Brigades and the freedom fighters like Izzedin al-Qassam, who were very active during the first half of the twentieth century. This one was teacher, sheikh, and also a workers, peasants and guerrillas leader. Contrary to Abu Mazen, al Qassam faced with all his strength the French, the British and the Zionists until he died with honour. Palestinians will see more suffering the months ahead. Before the martyrs’ blood is spilled again in al-Aqsa compound, as it happened back in September 28th of 2000, under Sharon’s orders, it is time to celebrate this Palestinian uprising.

Similar to what people chanted during the second Intifada, in memory of the dozens of Palestinians killed that day, today it can be heard: Long live the Palestinian struggle! Down with the occupation! To hell with these peace conversations! End the Gaza’s siege! People who have a short memory should be reminded that it was George Mitchell who chaired the international commission in charge of reporting about the killing of dozens of Palestinian worshipers by the guns of the Israeli police forces.

Another notable Zionist, Javier Solana, was also a member of the commission. It concluded that Palestinians worshipers -the victims- were responsible for what happened, although the Israeli security personnel - the shooters-, were sent to the area to attack them. Naturally, in the following years -the December 2008 attack against Gaza excluded- the Israeli forces killed more than 4000 Palestinians. Why should not they?

Who is Obama’s special envoy to the Middle East today? Mr. Mitchell! The guy has been in the area longer than the pyramids, albeit without any merit. He will soon become a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, once he has also taught at the Applied Global Ethics School, whatever this may be, and chaired the Walt Disney Company (o perhaps is the other way round).

Back then, Solana had already shown remorse to the masters of the world for his booklet "50 reasons to say no to NATO". Kosovo was the best way he found to say to them: I am sorry, it was just a juvenile sin, now I will bomb Serbia without the UN approval, will attack civil targets and kill civilians.

It is almost sure that he competes against Mitchell for that Prize. His contribution to European peace and moral progress has been rewarded with the Charlemagne Prize in 2007. Besides, his steady support for Zionism places him amongst the best candidates.

The "day of rage" for rank and file Palestinians is the "day of infamy" for Abu Mazen and the Palestinian Authority. Children throwing stones to armoured vehicles, women with flags in their hands facing 3000 Israeli policemen, and the PA talking to Israelis through envoys, mediators and secret channels?

"Day of infamy" also for Western media, where Palestinians are blamed for demonstrating and defending themselves against the robbers and colonizers of their land. Their living conditions are seldom mentioned, although they live in the West Bank imprisoned by an illegal wall and hundreds of military checkpoints, under siege in Gaza, and as refugees scattered around the world without the right of return.

Media hardly mention that Palestinians live under continuous threat of Israeli attacks while the UN, the Quartet and the "international community" do nothing but asking Israel for some restraint, regretting the loss of life and encouraging Palestinians to engage in fruitless peace conversations with their killers. Nothing about stopping Israeli violations of international law, but financing the PA police forces in charge of repressing Palestinians, so Israel does not have to do it very much in the open

Everything is against Palestinians. However, Palestinians do not give up, cannot be broken, on the contrary, the Intifadas keep on going. This in spite of the thousands of Palestinians still reeling from the insane attack of December 2008, and the millions who carry the burden of Israeli aggression since 1948.

There is no doubt that they are willing to resist and to die before leaving the land to the Zionist burglars and their supporters. Zionists are well aware of this, but they stubbornly believe that military power and US plus EU support, will allow them to expel them all or kill them if necessary.

Those who stand by "justice, then peace in Palestine" ought to side with the Palestinians and support their resistance. To do otherwise is to side with the aggressors and share their infamy.

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