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¿Qué trama EEUU contra Bolivia? El Departamento de Estado envía a los “halcones” Brown y Brennan (Latin America)

Hugo Moldiz Mercado La Época
Saturday 17 May 2014 by CEPRID
Hugo Moldiz Mercado La Época En un giro de táctica hacia Bolivia, que anuncia en endurecimiento de las acciones de subversión contra el gobierno socialista, el Departamento de Estado ha enviado a Jefferson Brown para que “limpie la casa” y luego de dos meses –en julio- deje la posta a Peter (...) > continue

The EZLN - A Look at its History (Latin America)

Sunday 26 January 2014 by CEPRID
Raul Romero Upsidedownworld Translation by Dorset Chiapas Solidarity Group The Guerrilla Nucleus “….the human condition ... has a stubborn tendency to bad conduct. Where it is least expected, rebellion jumps out and dignity occurs. In the mountains of Chiapas, for example. For a long time (...) > continue

NATO, the Most Terrifying Military Alliance in History, Threatens Latin America (Latin America)

Wednesday 16 January 2013 by CEPRID
CEPRID – The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is the most terrifying military alliance, with the most destructive power, ever conceived in the history of mankind. Today, it is a serious threat to Latin America and the Caribbean. The United States and its European allies created it in (...) > continue

Radicalism Vs. Reconciliation After The Vote (Latin America)

Tuesday 13 November 2012 by CEPRID
Manuel Sutherland HUGO CHÁVEZ, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, has won his 14th electoral victory out of 15 contests in a period of 14 years. On October 7, he won a solid 55 percent of the vote (8,136,964, according to the official count), defeating millionaire (...) > continue

Dark Alliance - the New York Times on Nicaragua (Latin America)

Thursday 16 December 2010 by CEPRID
by toni solo, November 20th 2010 December 10th this year will be the sixth anniversary of the death of Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Gary Webb. Webb wrote a series of articles in the late 1990s revealing that the CIA facilitated large scale narcotics imports from Latin America into the (...) > continue

CUBA : Tell the President (Latin America)

Sunday 8 August 2010 by CEPRID
Julie Webb-Pullman “Tell the President (and I cannot stress this too strongly) that I seriously hope that Cuba and the United States can eventually sit down in an atmosphere of good will and of mutual respect and negotiate our differences.” – Fidel Castro. No, this is not a recent message from (...) > continue

New dog, old tricks Obama ratchets up attack on Cuba (Latin America)

Monday 14 June 2010 by CEPRID
Helen Yaffe In spring 2010, Cuba came under renewed attack as politicians and the corporate media worldwide portrayed the revolutionary government as a repressive dictatorship struggling to stem a growing tide of discontent. This offensive is orchestrated by the Obama administration which is (...) > continue

Lula Inaugurates A New Era Of Diplomacy (Latin America)

Wednesday 2 June 2010 by CEPRID
Leonardo Boff Theologian Earthcharter Commission The agreement the President Lula from Brazil and the Prime Minister of Turkey reached with Iran on the production of enriched uranium for peaceful uses has a singularity that deserves to be noted. That agreement was accomplished through (...) > continue

Mutations of imperial destabilization : the return of Nicaragua’s old aquaintance, DynCorp (Latin America)

Monday 12 April 2010 by CEPRID
Jorge Capelán Tortilla con Sal Translated from Spanish by Karla Jacobs There are no excuses for playing the innocent about the motives behind US funding of "civil society" in Nicaragua. In the last analysis, this sort of funding is part of the political-military plan to destabilize and (...) > continue

Imperial Aggression from Colombia to the rest of Latin America (Latin America)

Thursday 11 March 2010 by CEPRID
by CEPRID / Our America, ABP/ For disappointment of many dreamers, Obama the first Black President of Estados Unidos, “Nobel Peace Prize” in theory, in practice has become another Imperial wars Falcon. Someone claimed that the dream of Martin Luther King, has become the nightmare of Black (...) > continue

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