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Want to set up an ‘Arab spring’ or a ‘colour revolution’? (Africa)

Follow super-secret agent 86 Maxwell Smart to Mission Equatorial Guinea*
Monday 11 June 2012 by CEPRID
Agustin Velloso** 1. Businessmen, ambassadors, lobbyists and other animals February 23, 2012, the telephone rings in the office of the super-secret agent 86: Hello, I am Katie Fish, researcher of Diligence, Global Business Intelligence; you know: investigations, due diligence, forensics, (...) > continue

The Importance Of Being Leader Of The Opposition To Obiang Nguema (Africa)

Monday 13 February 2012 by CEPRID
Agustin Velloso CEPRID Main characters Plácido Micó, considered the leader of the opposition to Teodoro Obiang Nguema, Equatorial Guinea ’s president since 1979, was on a political tour to the United States during the last week of January 2012. When Micó enrolled at his local school for the very (...) > continue

Tshombe, Spain and the DRC’s independence (Africa)

Saturday 19 February 2011 by CEPRID
Agustín Velloso Spain’s relations with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which began soon after independence in 1960, are marked by their support for Belgian plans against it, backed up by the United States. Moise Tshombe, executor of those plans, visited Spain several times between 1963 (...) > continue

Somalia: When is a pirate not a pirate? (Africa)

Wednesday 11 November 2009 by CEPRID
Agustín Velloso Santisteban CEPRID Oh, the pirates! What a nice word. It brings us sweet memories from our childhood. Unscrupulous, merciless, astute characters, and today armed with automatic guns. We are longing to see before the High Court in Madrid, Spain, the two Somali pirates captured (...) > continue

Equatorial Guinea 2009: thirty years with Obiang and twenty with the opposition (Africa)

Friday 14 August 2009 by CEPRID
Agustín Velloso CEPRID Next August, the 3rd, few in Equatorial Guinea will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the coup d’état led by Teodoro Obiang Nguema against Macias Nguema, his uncle and the head of the State. Obiang’s government refers to what happened with these words: “In 1979, after the (...) > continue

Waiting for Godot in Equatorial Guinea ... the rest of the world waits too (Africa)

Tuesday 1 July 2008 by CEPRID
Agustín Velloso CEPRID 1. Teodoro Obiang . the President with a clear and constant policy While members of the opposition to President Teodoro Obiang’s regime are detained and tortured in prison merely for being in opposition, international human rights organizations are denied entry to (...) > continue

AIDS and the contradictions of Spanish development cooperation in Equatorial Guinea (Africa)

Tuesday 20 May 2008 by CEPRID
Agustin Velloso 20 - V - 2008 CEPRID At the end of October 2007 in Madrid, Spanish President Zapatero promised 0.7% of GDP towards development aid during some workshops promoted by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and presided over by Queen Sofía. As he did (...) > continue

Fly Airbus A330-300 to Malabo : why everyone is heading to the heart of darkness (Africa)

Thursday 10 April 2008 by CEPRID
Agustín Velloso CEPRID 10 - IV - 2008 Starting April 1st, 2008, Lufthansa offers 295 seats, three times a week, in a superb Airbus for anyone wanting to travel from Frankfurt to Malabo, Equatorial Guinea’s capital city. It now seems incredible that in the 90’s only Iberia flew to Malabo, from (...) > continue

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