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Media: Accessory To The Crime? (Asia)

What is the nature of the agreement between sections of the media and mobs and criminals in search of spectacle?
Monday 1 November 2010 by CEPRID
ARUNDHATI ROY A mob of about a hundred people arrived at my house at 11 this morning (Sunday, October 31, 2010.) They broke through the gate and vandalized property. They shouted slogans against me for my views on Kashmir, and threatened to teach me a lesson. The OB Vans of NDTV, Times Now and (...) > continue

China initiates international geopolitical change (Asia)

Saturday 1 May 2010 by CEPRID
Alberto Cruz CEPRID The financial crisis is calling the existing world “order” into question. The weakness of the United States, the marked decline in its hard, military power and in its soft, diplomatic power is being exploited by China so as to begin a change in international geopolitics. (...) > continue

Mumbai, the Indian elite and the naxalites (Asia)

Tuesday 30 December 2008 by CEPRID
Alberto Cruz CEPRID The attacks in Mumbai at the end of November have led to every kind of analysis, especially geopolitical. One must remember that the strategic alliance between India and Israel has much to do with the recent surge in Islamist movements in India. Without doubt the interests (...) > continue


Wednesday 10 December 2008 by CEPRID
Focus on the Global South supports the call for a human chain in Mumbai on 12 December 2008 by the Mumbai for Peace campaign, as a people’s response to the recent attacks on Mumbai. The tragic and horrific events that unfolded from 26 November in the city and continued for the next 3 days were (...) > continue

2065 : the beginning of a New Nepal (Asia)

Wednesday 30 April 2008 by CEPRID
Alberto Cruz CEPRID XXX - IV - 2008 Nepal has entered the year 2065 of its calendar and (after two postponements) has already held elections for the Constituent Assembly that may end the monarchy and open the way to the proclamation of a republic. This is an aspiration of a majority of the (...) > continue

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