Imperial Aggression from Colombia to the rest of Latin America

Thursday 11 March 2010 by CEPRID


Our America, ABP/

For disappointment of many dreamers, Obama the first Black President of Estados Unidos, “Nobel Peace Prize” in theory, in practice has become another Imperial wars Falcon. Someone claimed that the dream of Martin Luther King, has become the nightmare of Black Empire President because his desires impose differences and changes succumbed to the objectives of domination of the Empire. Thus, in the first decade of the 21st century, the Empire with Bush yesterday with Obama in the present, has ratified its status as enemy of humanity and today has launched a plan to fill blood our Latin America, always using the pretext of defending human rights, freedoms and democracies and always under the pretext of the global fight against terrorism. Even the United States have assumed the arbitrariness of deciding who are terrorists in their long list include Cuba mention Venezuela, and they decided that the FARC-EP and the ELN are terrorists which must be combated in Colombian territory.

Economic power relations military and political in the global world are imposed by the United States, without that imported waters and brutal aggression against our people, born of neocolonial domination strategies. The Imperial wars of domination are constant throughout the world. Invaded and occupied Iraq, Afghanistan and seized the gas pipelines and up to the business of opium and heroin step territory resources. In its fight against “terrorism” relentlessly bombed Pakistan and Yemen killing innocent civilians and our Latin America from its agencies CIA, USAID, NED and other territories, increase their clandestine and public activities to destabilize Governments of Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. Already produced the coup d ‘ état in Honduras that ended with the illusion of democracy and use up to the tragedies and catastrophes of the Haitian people to occupy militarily.

Empire unknown ético-morales values and tramples the values of international law. Con la complicidad de Uribe y las derechas oligárquicas ocupó militarmente a Colombia “en el marco del Acuerdo de Asistencia Militar entre la República de Colombia y los Estados Unidos de América, suscrito en Bogotá el 17 de abril de 1952” y de otros acuerdos para ayudas militares y misiones militares suscritos en diferentes fechas desde 1952, según se lee en el Preámbulo del último Acuerdo que entre sus objetivos se advierte: “de conformidad con los acuerdos bilaterales y multilaterales pertinentes de los cuales Colombia y Estados Unidos sean parte, en particular aquellos atinentes a la lucha contra el narcotráfico y el terrorismo y con sujeción al ordenamiento jurídico de cada una de las partes, éstas acuerdan profundizar su cooperación en áreas tales como instrucción, intercambio de inteligencia, capacidades de vigilancia y reconocimiento, ejercicios combinados, y otras actividades acordadas mutuamente, y para enfrentar amenazas comunes a la paz, la estabilidad, la libertad y la democracia”.

This “objective” reliably, demonstrates that the occupation and use of the Colombian military bases correspond to American aggression on our homelands. “Bases in Colombia have brought a level of great instability, and the same gringos advertised with cynicism the possibility of clashes between Colombia and Venezuela”. The negative impact that this would bring these brothers peoples little cares to Uribe and his henchmen. The coup d ‘ état in Honduras charges already many lives; the brutal repression has been systematized and operated with gringo, Colombian and Zionist support. In addition the instability created in this poor country threatens the security and economies of its neighbours. Here anointed Micheletti as Holy Baron, defender of democracy, while it sorts murdering peasant… aggression to Nicaragua is growing; a coup claim style Honduras is enhanced by the Falcons. If you fail to attract the unique army, then, searched the military escalation to the extent of invasion. Here will play an exceptional role spurius Government of Porfirio Lobo Sosa.

In Ecuador and Paraguay Empire finances projects of aggression against popular democracies, and take all that has in elections as Chile and Brazilian. At the same time sponsor constant sabotage which Argentina is a victim. If this were little, today leverage the misery caused by the earthquake in Haiti, and sent ten thousand soldiers to “.. .ayudar in rescue tasks and control any social crisis…”. These Tin soldiers not going to leave Haiti alone; it will be years in that country, where the Empire and its media proclaimed that the Government of René Preval no longer exists. Everything done foresee that this poor country shall form the basis of aggression against Cuba and point of destabilization against the Dominican Republic.

With this contingency and bases for Panama and Peru weapon a gigantic structure of aggression, conquest and domination of the Empire. Those who know with certainty that this is true question it only. This scheme is known by all the lackeys gringos in all parts of the continent; none ignores him; and they are willing to massacre their compatriots to regain that the Empire has given them as their perennial heritage or avoid to be removed them, explained r. Salgado. To unleash wars of aggression against our homelands, in particular against Venezuela and Ecuador, Nicaragua and Bolivia; U.s. under the command of the Black Emperor Barack Obama, in turn subordinate to the Pentagon and southern command, State Department and the CIA, to political and economic rights intended to govern the world created in Colombia axis Palanquero-Apiay-Marandúa, military axis to serve first for assaulting Venezuela paras save “freedom and democracy”, as stipulated in the aim of the recent agreement Colombia-. The United States. Based on this information, the President of Venezuela, Colonel Hugo Chávez Frías, denounced United States, Colombia, through prepares for war against the land of the Liberator Simón Bolívar. Javier a. Biardeau, argues that only seven are not the Colombian foundations apetecidas by the Empire. Because of geographic proximity, possibility of mobilization of combat units, and electronic intelligence capacity, we must pay attention not only to Cartagena, Malambo, Palanquero, Tolemaida, Larandia and Apiay. Axis Palanquero-Apiay-Marandúa is one of the axes of projection and penetration against Venezuela, says. Just scan the U.s. Colombia Ambassador declarations, the sadly remembered former Ambassador to the USA in Venezuela William Brownfield, to find out what Audacity operates the current offensive of the Empire: “Ya hay Colombian bases u.s. military” declared versus the noses of our American countries community. For Brownfield, allowing Convention is broaden and deepen the operational capacity of the military forces of the USA in Colombia, “to fight against drug trafficking and terrorism”.

If not for assaulting Venezuela, do why in last December, the Chief of the southern command, D, Frasier, stated that it was necessary to raise the operability of the airbase of Marandúa, located in the Department of Vichada, bordering Venezuela sector and strategic capacity? Certainly the basis of Marandúa isn’t between seven bases to be used by Yankees troops reportedly in the Convention, but does what or who can prevent United States to use the Marandúa base to start military aggression to Venezuela and treat of overthrow the Government of President Hugo Chávez, who had and has reason to assert that war winds are beginning to blow in Latin America.? The threat of war is real and us is and will be responsible for these tragedy that could trigger to sink to our experienced Empire neocolonialism America or to initiate a series of neo-fascist dictatorships in accordance with the model coup d ‘ état tested in Honduras.


Brownfield has stated that collaboration between u.s. and Colombia is decades, and doesn’t understand why uncomfortable neighbours. “Not talking of a base in Colombia, but the possibility of access to military and naval bases in Colombia, which are the most sophisticated in the Americas”. To good entendedor, short, express Javier a. Biardeau. United States has equipped with hi-tech Colombian military bases, has created and supported infrastructure and equipment of the same. From there, we talk about “possibility of access to the military and naval bases in Colombia”. In short, any base military or naval Colombian, in principle, can be used by the u.s. troops They are not seven, it is any Colombian military bases, and these only seven will be “posts command” for many more.

For Browfield the matter is not question of Colombian sovereignty, but “collaboration between two countries against a shared threat of illicit drugs”. Says Brownfield “minus the Colombia end with drug trafficking and terrorism will benefit to the region.” The basis used by u.s. “are Colombian” express and highlights that “forces of Colombia are the most sophisticated of all Latin America”.

The military agreements between Colombia and the United States determined that the Colombian armed forces are permanently took counsel, armed and trained by the United States and everybody who pays the Orchestra imposes the dance.

Likewise, everyone knows that Uribe and his followers surrendered the territory of Colombia to the American Empire. Now, the homeland of Nariño has become a gigantic us air, land and naval base for assaulting Latin America. Only the fools and sepoys are unaware of this reality. Biardeau reports that Plan Colombia 2010 will have a budget between $ 509 million and US $ 520 million. And Furthermore, articulates the plans in Mexico and Central America. Brownfield revealed that there are “a triangular package: we can speak of Plan Colombia and Plan Mérida.” “Gentlemen: we have the same problems and the same criminal organizations”. To stop the “Government of Obama” rhetorical positions and half-hearted.

We must insist that Uribe Concierge Obama is not the owner of the imperial building. Those who still trust the Masque – Obama have not understood a pito on U.s. strategies and their “good neighbor policies”, says Biardeau.


The Colombia-US agreement, Uribe actually granted go-ahead for the employment of any air or naval base of Colombia requires American personnel to operations against drug trafficking and terrorism, are not only seven bases that can be used by the Empire. Even before the Convention was signed, United States was already in ability to use at will the bases of Apiay in the Department of meta and Marandúa, in the Department of Vichada. In Marandúa, U.s. installed a powerful radar for exclusive use of troops and their specific purposes.

Apiay is the air command combat n ° 2 (CACOM) “CT.” “Luis Fernando Gómez child”. Receives detachments of intelligence units. Likewise serves air arsenal Group East air (GAORI) “TC Luis Arturo Rodríguez Meneses” requirements. The GAORI was organized as a professional group command air combat No. 2 of Apiay. For 1994, the base was endowed with a defence system radar type TPS-43, belonging to the USAF-EE. U.S…. The location Marandúa, and the radar located strategic enters the imperial Web of NSA, holds Biardeau and adds that it is listening and largest (phone calls, fax, e-mail, HF, UHF, decoding and encoding language communication systems) worldwide where specialists in satellite tracking and interception of aircraft electronic interception system. To not ignore the importance of relations between the military bases of Apiay and Marandúa, already on military bases in the United States in 2007, worldwide maps appeared these bases without exist no Convention. Attention you plan then at points of the agreement that “bargaining became respecting the constitutions of both Nations”, as noted by the Commander of the armed forces of Colombia, general Freddy Padilla De León.

In accordance with the Convention, 1. Intelligence with the United States, both on the issue of drug trafficking, will be shared as of terrorism. This translates to Exchange data in real time (the so-called intelligence in real time). 2 There protocols for exchanging this information, which will be agreed by the command of the armed forces and the US military. 3 Colombia strengthen skills in intelligence, only to contribute to security in the region, with the support of the United States. 4. This assistance will be focused to convey the experience to countries like Mexico, have problems of drug trafficking and need that experience. 5 Colombia will have control over the personnel working in the country. Even if the selection has endorsed by the State Department and the blessing of the U.s. Embassy, a Colombian Commission may approve or reject the presence of officials. 6. The material benefits receive only in kind, instead of money.

(B) the management of databases: 1. it is clear that under no circumstances may have an American military base in Colombia. 2 Use baselines Malambo, Apiay, Palanquero, Tolemaida and Larandia, but access to other bases, according to the needs and requirements will have. 3. The agreement is basically focused on the issue of the fight against drug trafficking and terrorism. 4. The use of tracks will be gradually, depending on operational requirements. 5. The employment of the naval bases will be for logistical issues initially (ships carrying implements technical, spare parts, equipment for intelligence, etc). 6. The aircraft will have the mission principal do monitoring trafficking, routes which does not preclude can do with a third country, in international waters. But only at the request of the third country. 7. Help 46 million dollars for Palanquero is based on technical analysis. The capacity of the base must be optimal to ensure the safety of aircraft. This was a United States taxation.

What is clear is that Washington has designed and is running a geostrategic plan to regain the political and military initiative towards Latin America and the Caribbean. The Centre of gravity of the strategy is the Bolivarian revolution and ALBA. Come running operations and actions of sequenced and synchronized way, managing the principle of surprise, manifesting especially from his collaboration with the maintenance of the military coup in Honduras, whose main objective is the containment of the constituent popular project situation. Centre-left governments have been by now paralysed and all the rhetorical paraphernalia of the OAS and the UN has been neutralized. Mobilization must obviously exceed Governments and diplomatic spaces, and of peoples, their social and popular movements. Uribe, Obama recadero won’t do but gain time to promote the Empire geostrategic interests. The true owners of the imperial building talk between lines in statements by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. The others are masques and fantasies about the alleged “President of change and hope”.

While you are prompted for explanations on u.s. military bases to Colombia in UNASUR, the true seriousness of the situation is the advancement of the Empire. Peoples, their social movements and revolutionary and antimperialist political organizations should retrieve the initiative and strategic direction to confront Washington, dismantling its imperial makeup in the ground media and political strategy. It is not time to chop the eye to the concierge of the Empire, believing in the seductive powers of good manners and the new “good neighbor” policy. Alba and UNASUR Governments faced a true anti-imperialist test. We’ll see if Governments with latinoamericanistas, democratic and popular speeches are to rise to the occasion, or if you won’t a new cycle of antimperialist, and revolutionary struggles explains Biardeau.


One of the most accurate analysts about the real threat that moves towards Venezuela is Carlos Lanz Rodriguez, who has been unraveling the Hank of psychological and covert operations that stick on Venezuela. On the occasion of the investigative process on the war IV generation and the psychological operations in our context driven The Rendon Group, (specifically in Colombia in the “democratic security plan” where an outsourcing intelligence with Foundation security and democracy under the patronage of Clan Santos has been implemented). Lanz found numerous evidence and evidence, on the plan of advanced imperial geostrategic on Latin America, in particular concerning the Andean area.

Carlos Lanz has researched, analyzing the role played by the “Security and democracy in Colombia” Foundation, and its connections with the political-military framework’s Uribe, aspects of military reform agenda that are directly coupled to the location of equipment and American military troops in any strategic location in Colombian territory (and not only at 7 command points that appear in the Convention). The armed forces of Colombia have made considerable progress in the field of technology applied to the planning and conduct of military operations. Increased air mobility and the fire from the air, the ability to operate in nightlife, improvements in the technical intelligence and structures of command, control and communications support. Increased air mobility has allowed ensure:

I) II) III) IV) control of airspace, to “ensure sovereignty” apply force, which implies use capabilities inherent in the aéreo-militar military such as the bombing targets in land or fighting air-to-air; multiply operations developing power force, which means military capacity land or sea from the use of aircraft, for example with the support of fire ground; troops and, finally, support force, which includes logistical supply necessary to advance long-term operations. Multiply force missions, includes the air, i.e. transport helitransportada via terrestrial units on the battlefield assault. The air assault forces are capable of projecting to combat without the limitation imposed by the terrain or geographical features. The versatility and strength of this type of operation is achieved by combining the capabilities of modern aircraft rotating wing, speed, agility and ability to fire with the ground troops. The enormous increase in air capacity of the Colombian, armed forces both support from nearby fire, i.e. support fire helicopters or aircraft provide ground troops and troop transport should highlight, flying very close to the Earth and a relative low speed. This support is crucial, as it represents a very significant of “illegal” armed groups must face advantage.

The close fire support is provided by the helicopter gunships, which accompany and escort aircraft transport developing air assault operations. Additionally, it is very important to have that serve as the platform support of prolonged fire, role in Colombia very effectively the AC-47, better known as the “ghost plane” fleet of aircraft. Colombia tripled his ghost fleet of aircraft from two in 1996 six today. Colombia also went from having a flotilla of helicopters limited, to have the third force in the hemisphere. It should be added that the Colombian is the third fleet helicopter UH-60 or more numerous BlackHawk worldwide, surpassed only by United States and Israel.

Likewise, Colombian military forces have considerably strengthened their capacities of technical intelligence, understood it as the gathering of information by non-human sources means. Includes the ability to intercept signals, communications and take image, among others. A key component of these capabilities are called trackers or trackers and intelligence platforms. These aircraft are equipped with sophisticated technology of interception of communications, aerial photography and radiogoniometría. These aircraft, in conjunction with ground-based radars (GBR) and the central joint intelligence (CIC), make up the system of technical intelligence that allows military forces to obtain, process and analyse information used in the fight against drug trafficking and, more recently, so-called “illegal armed groups”, which can either project to start war of aggression against Venezuela and Ecuador, for example.

The Colombian armed forces have developed a modern system of command, control and communications including center operations joint (COC) of the command General of the armed forces, as well as equivalent in each of the force command centres. These centres are linked to the operational units, allowing military commanders coordinate and commanding the actions on the battlefield. “In the telecommunications area have been some progress in replacing the anachronistic repeater system by satellite communications”

All these advances of the Colombian Navy force relate to the current Convention to modernize bases, moving equipment and American troops in Colombian territory. This is not only to “fight against drug trafficking and terrorism”, but for recrudecer war-4th generation to Venezuela, and even to have a quick reaction on the southern border as a support base for an intervention force in depth in the Venezuelan territory, projecting it strategically on the Orinoco oil Strip, electrical infrastructure, and strategic resources of the Venezuelan amazonia. Hence the importance of the bases of Marandúa, Apiay, firstly, and Yopal and Saravena second.. We know that confrontation to the Colombian insurgency is part of a global fight to the various revolutionary forces in the region. United States have shown to have no interest in negotiated political solution to the Colombian conflict, and military solution involves ignore the national sovereignty of neighbouring countries and the development of “offshore operations”. Apart from the spectrum of direct military operations, advances in the use of indirect military operations, primarily communicational, electronic and psychological warfare. As such, it is not an incidental fact that Enrique Santos, Director of the Foundation, security and democracy is Chairman of the SIP and owner of a communicational Emporium. The presence reiterated in recent months in Bogotá of leading operators of The Rendon Group in Venezuela, as contained in document which discusses Biardeau the current problem is a real threat to peace and security in this part of the world is not mere coincidence.


The second great aspect is the media war against the Bolivarian revolution proclaimed by President Hugo Chávez. It is the use of extensive infrastructure installed to sweep the media to disseminate the “black propaganda” which makes him appear the Venezuelan ruling as the “bad” movie, the organizer of desestabilizaciones, the representative of the being”a failure” 21st century socialism, according to speakers and parrots of the capitalist system.

That same propaganda which is part of the CIA, the Pentagon and State Department, psychological warfare broadcasts that Colombian military bases are Colombian and have never been ceded to the rule that may be used by us as a cooperation in combating Uribe “terrorists” and drug trafficking. Influential Colombian magazine week expressed: “the concept of bases the Colombian Government is very different to other countries of the region which have.” For Colombia, in strict sense, isn’t a Gringo military base in Colombian territory; it is a foreign military cooperation that uses Colombian bases. “For neighbours is gringas military bases in Colombian territory with projection in the rest of the region, i.e. a kind of beachhead military gear of the Empire in Latin America.”

Revista SEMANA said: “as for Colombia and United States is a pact between friends, which gives them a platform intelligence crucial to combat drug trafficking and armed actors, for the countries of the region is an espionage of the uncle” Sam, anchored in Colombia, which violates the national security of each country. “A hostile gesture.” Added: “the Government was wrong in its communication strategy.”

First denied any possibility of had bases in Colombia. “Then when the agreement was leaked to the press made a hearing sowed still… total questions, the President has had to go from country to country, so you don’t have to sit on the bench in a meeting as UNASUR where he was going to be seen as a kind of ugly duckling.” In Bariloche and then in Quito, meeting showed that Colombia is a danger not only for Venezuela and Ecuador, but for the existence and consolidation of the UNASUR. Despite the CIA and the Empire as a whole, media analyze the situation and even become critical of the prevailing system and in this case the Colombian military bases to service us geostrategic and geopolitical interests. Thus, the magazine week revealed: “It is obvious that the United States has global geopolitical interests.” So became enshrined in a document of the command of air mobility of the Pentagon this year entitled Global in Route Strategy, in which two data call attention. The first, that Americans want to change the model deployed during the cold war, and whose concept is fixed and stationary bases.

Now seek more flexible models, based on cooperation with Governments rather than to have men and equipment on the ground. What other leave clear in this document is that want to monitor routes ranging to Africa. Textually, Palanquero appears as part of that model of control of drug trafficking routes in South America. The keyword in all this is deterrence. It is obvious that Colombia, addition strengthen his inner struggle, also seeks deter residents who are lax with the FARC that not remain so. The theme of the guerrillas has become source of permanent conflict with Ecuador and Venezuela. Colombia has no how to you deal with the arms race of Venezuela, but send a discouraging message backed by us. At the time, the gringos want to discourage governments which are making enthusiastic military agreements with Russia, Iran or China. And Brazil, in time, leading UNASUR, how wants to deter the ineffable American power continue taking from Latin America as their backyard. Therefore in the short term, for Colombia bases almost nothing changes and this can be considered of doors for inside, chimbo, scandalous to other countries if there is a new scenario. And the long-term nobody knows how the puzzle will be configured. “What is clear is that the bases constitute a key tab throughout the game.”

But clear is that the Palanquero-Apiay-Marandúa axis is the spearhead of the Empire in Venezuela. If Venezuela falls the effect dominated and seguidilla eventually Governments Correa in Ecuador, Morales in Bolivia and Ortega in Nicaragua. In addition to this aggressive axis, the Venezuelan Government reiterated its allegation that United States uses the territories of Aruba and Curacao to prepare a military aggression against its territory and urged the Dutch authorities to honour their commitments to peace and to refrain from attacking or pay for this.

“Venezuela reiterates to the international community its complaint regarding the use, of the United States, the colonial territories of Aruba and Curaçao, in the preparation of a military aggression against Venezuela”, reads the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry which was broadcast the past release on December 30.

“The Government urged the Dutch authorities to honour their commitments to peace and international security, and to refrain from attacking Venezuela, or give their assistance for the purpose”, adds. The publication, Caracas recalled that from Aruba and Curaçao, American planes violated subsequently Venezuelan, airspace on the pretext of the fight against drug trafficking “that has not yielded any tangible results”.

This complaint had already been made on December 17 by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, who from Copenhagen, where the Summit on climate change was made the alert.

“The American Empire is occupying islands of Aruba and Curaçao and these islands are few kilometers from the Venezuelan coasts (…) I acknowledge to the Kingdom of the Netherlands of preparing an assault on Venezuela alongside the Empire”, denounced the representative during the meeting of the countries of the Alliance for the peoples of America (ALBA) with social organizations at the Center Hall Valvy in Copenhagen. Naturally Netherlands denied that possibility and Maxime Verhagen Chancellor so expressed it, but the truth is that the American military bases in its overseas territories if they can be used for attack to Venezuela. Well known Washington has plans to bomb to Venezuela, overthrow Chávez and seize oil as already did with Iran.


Oscar j. Camero reported on thinking in respect of imperial threats towards Venezuela President Hugo Chávez and concerns that you said: “Not talk figures or sophisticated postulates the war that I I know them, by the way.” I’ll even logic. I will be, no more logical. We already know that the imperial ínfula threw letters to Venezuela, surrounding it with military bases, confining it to a war or, rather, aggression. And the best style of the great threatening to fight the boys to save work and maintain its prestige “straight” country in the world. Usual, therefore: Noriega, Hussein and others.

Dirty work do “stupid” from Venezuela and Colombia – by force, and shall express us-, while them, imperial United States clique soon to intervene (as large redentores are) to separate the old cronies in disputes, calling them the sindéresis, democracy, the civilized nations March, the Council, etc; but to intervene to really determine aggressors and attacked, according to their methods and schemas, and basically perpetuate the conflict, and accordingly suggest the intervention of third parties medien (i.e. Blue UN or, failing, marines of its armed forces, or any other foreign to the continent ploy helmets) problems. And we know what they want: more oil, and petroleum oil raised to the power. It is an old tale, thousand echado times.

The immense provocation establish military bases in the contours of Venezuela is a fact that will have to be disguised by domestic match between fools, argued Hugo Chávez. This is the plan, the tactic, added and added that the Colombian Government knows, because involved vein that wants to irrigate with blood to Venezuela. Cause and will cause without measure. It is his assigned role. Does not have much to lose, plagued as narcopolíticos and guerrilla conflict and destabilization in bulk; and it is much to be gained: that elites atornillen inmisericordemente in a country with a system of Government that distracts her sores with custom and the possibility of the conflagraciones. It is the Colombian rich ploy to stay in power. It is the Colombian democracy now export. A connoted journalist revealed that came from their sources: Colombia prepared an attack type Ecuador to Venezuela, probably in the Plains, where allegedly camps of the revolutionary forces of Colombia are erected. Then the primary task of military bases installation will be completed. I.e. the spectacle of distraction international while databases are installed. It will give rise to an international clamor into countries brothers that assault and already nobody agree bases Tres Esquinas, Palanquero, Larandia and Tolemaida, Malambo, Apiay and all other United States want to install in the area.

Invasive preliminary work is ready. International attention will have dissipated on the conflict between countries brothers, while they – speaking United States by the gun – already they have instructed their Colombian allies on the next phase to follow. I.e. not abandon already more never conflict with neighbouring and prepare to give effect to them through intervention. Very strongly hold the reins of the war, so that not distracted is one of his dogs barking you vacuum, as if it were a mathematical operation.

Then we’ll talk about much democracy, rights of progressivism, of rectitude of the great country North, his generosity and commitment to civil rights of peoples, poor stressed Colombia and the evil aggressor that sinks to Venezuela in a dangerous and destabilizing American Revolution. You can hear the cry: “You international forces to the border!” “It allies to fight!, you in Venezuela manufactures nuclear weapon!” or anything else that makeup the fundamental concern of the outcasts trying to intervene in Venezuela: Chavez is a sort of OGRE appropriate of the planet’s largest oil well.

Venezuela is gradually will induce attacking Colombia, by virtue of inaguantables provocations on the border, prepared all the dogs of war to multiply by roar of Cannon any defensive shot on their border. Ready propaganda, the unquestionable media – them “freedom of expression” – inside and outside the country, to play its role of agitation and collusion. Sobran traitors prurient for not imagine that a war is close in Venezuela. Civil Colombian Venezuelans, and vice versa.

The figure of Chávez will work. It will feed you an alleged megalomania. It will stand you as a dictator with pretentiousness of Bolivarian hero by a nationalist cause. Probably a third country – traitor in the play-will be sent to the manning of the ingredients of the unimaginable atomic weapon, advocate of sovereignties. Or course, enemy “sow” arms as “seeded” drug. Long voyage and tale. Then Chávez must already be – for work and grace media – an international, outlaw with lists military bases beyond border to operate against him as correlative. Probably try searching the interior of the country by an allied force nuclear caches of cocaine or FARC guerrillas armed with missiles of I don’t know how many warheads of atomic power. It is everything in the war, is worth whatever is necessary to depart the hands of the oil taps OGRE. I.e. will try him to apply to the Venezuelan President recipe applied to Saddam Hussein – distances the democratic – no more and no less, when jodieron it with weapons, advice and assistance given. Led it to an invasion, enmarañaron it with the purchase of a few ingredients for nuclear manufacturing, identified it hero of Sunnis and an ancestral religious struggle to finally, hang it on the flagpole over after the invasion to Iraq.

And all such as intended by these individuals: Colombian and Venezuelan do work – of step! – amongst ourselves. Colombians are who do the war and bring the provocations, and are Venezuelans who hang Chavez, concitador wars, while they (the allies always), appropriate of oil wells.

What sounded to dream, to nightmare smoker? Probably, but precisely on this aviesa printing is rests the strategy designed you the country more inflamed oil on the planet. The only way out of this judgement war towards which have casing to Venezuela and Colombia is the urgent establishment of international and regional partnerships to weigh in the interest of those who look to the interior of the continent. The UNASUR and its security force still anda conformation – the same plans, incidentally-, is an acelerante of foreign aggression.

We must hasten progress. It is well known that a possible war Chávez (or defender of the Fatherland) is only in the play, accompanied as always by the solidarity hypocrisy of the United Nations and timorous “respectful of the right of peoples” countries unable to risk a concrete assistance in the background. Us isolate Venezuela and everyone will say many things, as always, but nothing, will happen which Cuba. And already released the such an eventuality of aggression and the isolation of Venezuela end, wouldn’t United States nothing more would those who attack, alongside their Colombian dogs of war, dreaming invasions and expropriations: it is a body move more immense, acuciada by its oil resources, need more closely linked to industrial civilizatorio that sees next sunset reef. Something like Chávez against the world: U.s., Europe, the United Nations, traitors Governments of Latin America (Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, etc) and internal clique opposition lame-botas, anxious of colombianizar to their homeland. Santander emerging from his burial to finish blur the footprint of Bolívar. The domes of power by placing peoples in their aged third class carriages. And roll progress! If that happens, could also met the proclamation of Che Guevara: “One one, two three Vietnam” and will be the end of the Empire.

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