"We are only willing to work with those who feel more horror to the ideological vacuum in their consciences than the social one around them"

GPM (Group of Marxist Propaganda)

We are a group of people who intend to study Marxist theory in order to carry it to practice, to contribute to the revolution.
The study of Marx’s fundamental work, The Capital, is not for us a theoretical task, an intellectual one, but a revolutionary one. A necessary step towards political awareness. To endow us of tools, to be able to analyze, to act, to contribute in a revolutionary sense. This is the objective that drives us to periodically gather in group to study The Capital. From this study, agreements, analysis and conversations arise... And these are the results which you will find here.
In this presentation we are going to show the fundamental agreements that unite us, that is to say, the fundamental thesis that we defend. As we intend to act in a revolutionary sense we will have to be in agreement over the concept of revolution. The next step is the action ,that is to say in political terms, to take active part in a group. Therefore we include another paragraph called the traditional practical militant; and finally, we couldn’t resist to include a short note on the current situation.

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