We are only willing to work with those who feel more horror to the ideological vacuum in their consciences than the social one around them

If you are interested in some text that is not translated us send a mail and we will make it come to you, in English, before that we prune.

We are commited to the construction of a revolutionary alternative to international scale, understanding that this intention passes for the theoretical collective clarification as something basic. We are in this task, first of all ready to learn to be able to spread what we are sure of knowing. But, for it, it is necessary to be able to report, and the international communication demands to do it correctly, at least in the languages of more we use in the world. Our problem is that, exempting a very elementary English, we cannot express in another language that should not be the Spanish. If you agree in the fundamental thing with our line of thought and want to collaborate in the task of translating the texts of the GPM into other languages, put in touch with us.

Group of Marxist propaganda
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P.O. box 20027 Madrid 28080 (Spain)

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