The communist revolution essentially consists of an uninterrupted or permanent forward process of the revolutionary conscience over the mercantile and monetary links. As was set by Marx in his writings in relation to the 1848 revolution, specifying even more this idea in his "critic of the Gotha program". Without these there is no possible communist revolution.
The revolutionary conscience is the product of a "deep scientific knowledge" of the economic, social and political reality of capitalism. In this we follow the thinking of Lenin in his "What to do".
The germ of that collective revolutionary conscience is in the self - organization of the communists around the revolutionary theory, historical materialism. What we are saying is that the militant category is determined by the unavoidable political task of the party in order to convert its members into real social scientists. With the necessary command of historical materialism studied in its original sources that the course of the revolution demands. In this we also try to follow the Marxist tradition taking as a guide Leninís maxim in the sense that "without revolutionary theory there is no revolutionary movement".
The strategy of power of the communists grouped in a party consists in fusing the revolutionary theory with the practical workerís movement. This does not mean that the workers should know the revolutionary theory in detail before taking power. But understand in each given moment the necessity of doing what the revolutionary theory prescribes and the circumstances of each historical moment permit. This task of political education must be the permanent duty of the party members. Once power is taken, the main task of the ideological apparatus of the Workerís State is the compulsory education of the whole of the population in the knowledge of the social science, of the revolutionary theory: historical materialism. As an inexcusable base for the other disciplines of knowledge. Without this requirement, the revolutionary process stops and it necessarily involutionates, as the recent historical experience has shown.
The Marxist strategy of the communist revolution once the proletariat has conquered power consists in supporting itself on the social projection of the political links based on the revolutionary conscience and democratic practice, in order to gradually replace the social links of capitalism structured in base of the mercantile and monetary practices.

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