The Belgian justice emulates to Garzón

Knowing the fact that the British imperialism does not has motives to go against Pinochet but to the contrary - and it is being seen - once totally surpassed the contentious Chilean Hispanic in wheel to the appropriation process of Enersis by Endesa Spain in April - May of the last year, the Spanish factitious powers consider ended the assignment of their justice appliance represented in this and many more cases by their " star judge", Baltasar Garzón. As of that moment, the destination of Pinochet seemed become exclusive issue of a cannon to three bands of the secret diplomacy between London, Madrid and Santiago of Chile. But the solution of the case there has of be delayed because the Belgian capitals of the armament have decided to arbitrate in the matter giving extra work to some of their judges.

According to reports the journalist Tortoro, currently there is a judicial investigation opened in Belgium with respect to a millionaire business of combat planes that the Chilean Air Force acquired in 1994. It is considered twenty planes Mirage Mirsip. The data of the judicial investigation have been provided by pesquistas judicial Belgian inquiries and by the investigation that accomplished the journalists Philippe Brewaeys and Frank Garbely, a labor of precedents summary to which has been added the Chilean magazine Final Point.

The case has had its origins in the twilights of the decade of 80, when the Chilean Air Force decided to substitute the ancient hunts Hawker Hunter of its Group Nş 8. Until 1993, the specialists had on table alternative several and offers: Kfir C-2 and C-7 of Israel; Jaguar of the British Aerospace; south african Cheetah ;Gripen of Sweden; Mig-29 and - 27 Russian; American F-16. Offers were exceeding, and finally the FACH was decided by the Mirage of the French Marcel Dassault, property planes of the Belgian air force that they had been modernized by the local company SABCA.

Always according to Tortoro, in 1994 began the long commercial dealings chain, commissions and deposit payments in banking accounts with which was materialized the business. The thing was thus: First, the Belgian government sold the planes to the company SABCA. The operator of the transaction was the general in Belgian withdrawal, Jacques Lefebvre, who not only accomplished the sale, but furthermore mediated in the modernization operation of the appliances. Little before this negotiated, Lefebvre had been come performing as chief of the cabinet of the Defense minister of the president Paul Vanden Boeynants. During the operation, this ex Belgian military bureaucrat acted as general manager of the French marketing company of weapons, Europavia , at the same time associated with recognized two international weapon merchants called Philippe Chauveau and Mohamad Bashi.

Such it was as the Mirage, property of the Belgian SABCA, they were sold jointly for this company and the French Europavia (represented by Lefebvre), to a third part by a total of 109 million of dollars, by intermediate of a company called Berthier International, with headquarters in the Islands British Vírgenes and with postal address in the city of Miami. According to statements of the own general Lefebvre, this company was a " Chilean device" that was operating in coordination with other company, Combak S.A., located in Santiago (Seminar 790, 2ş Floor To), directed by a Belgian citizen, Francois of Smet d'Olbecke, who resides in Chile from 1948 and it is proprietary of thousands of hectares in the extreme south. For intermediate of this last company, Berthier facilitated the sale of the planes to the FACH, serving as intermediary the Chilean entrepreneur of Hungarian origin, Carlos Honzik, owner of the company DECOPAL (Mint 812, office 801), devoted to the Swiss companies representation of manufacture of war material.

According to the data provided by Tortoro, the commissions by this business reached 15 million of dollars, of those which 14,5 million went to stop to accounts administered by the mysterious Berthier International, the " Chilean device", and to a Swiss bank. The Belgian researchers discovered documents that were indicating that the commissions had been deposited in the Clariden Bank of Zurich.

When it was demanded to Lefebvre that it explained the destination and reasons of these monies, the general answered with a memorandum: "the documents related to Chile of those which speak are confidential; their/its/your/his publication would be catastrophic inasmuch as reveal to our Chilean counterpart and our agents would be seen in serious difficulties". Lefebvre was committed suicide on the following day of drafting this note.

The commissions had followed the call " green path", metaphor with which the magazine Swindle has baptized the procedure with which is possible to make to disappear the track from million from dollars and let a so opaque track that result impossible to reconstruct the route. The mentioned "path", in bulk terms, operates of the following manner: who wants to make to disappear a strong adds of money must begin by making deposits, using to a white stick or untruthful name, in the local account of an international bank. From there the deposits are transferred to an account of "concentration" in the counterfoil house of the bank in New York, and sent to the accounts of a " ghost company" registered in some site as the Cayman Islands or the Islands Vírgenes. These accounts, protected by the banking secret, they are assigned as investment titles, in actions and bonds, to accounts deprive in the Swiss banking, English or of Luxembourg.

If as is certain according to has been seen, that the military bureaucracy directed by Pinochet maintains the control over the weapons trade between Chile and the rest of the world, the Belgian justice in this case, the same as the Spanish in the case Enersis, though to " past bull" have exceeded motives to brandish the "defense of the human rights" in the strategic perspective of finishing as soon as possible with the residual effects of the dictatorship in that country. Is that, as have explained already continuing to Lenin, in the measure in which become disproportionly onerous the acts of bribe and characteristic bribe of the fusion between the governments and the Bag in the stage of the late capitalism, the outstanding bureaucratic political privileges in countries as Chile, Yugoslavia or Iraq, anyone will be its ideology hamper and detain the unavoidable centralization of the imperialistic capital. And this results intolerable for the bourgeois system in its joint, mastered currently by that historical trend irreversible objective; still more in a key market as the Chilean, that rides today on prolific two material supports of direct production of surplus, as electrical energy and the armaments.


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