The tendency of the international capital
and the rules no writing of the pinochet´s system
in the political chilenean life

All change is an action that supposes a forgetfulness. When someone changes a thing additionally, it tends to be forgotten than what sells. But if it has been made a wrong business - that sooner or later ends by be known - the recollection of what is alienated appears in the report as a nightmare. And the case is that the enthusiastic militant of the DD.HH. to the service of the Spanish justice, they have sold of very wrong way the struggle against the imperialism between the decades of the fifty and seventy; they have made a badlly business with the historical memory from the disappeared.

In the first place, ,because upon making to happen its defense of the DD.HH. for the burgess justice, that only penalizes individual conduct, make to believe that inserting in the jail to personages as Videla or Pinochet is canceled forever all historical appealing in genocides as the Chilean or the Argentine. And they are very wrong.

After the World War II that provoked more than thirty million of dead, the international burgeoise prepared in Nüremberg a shed seemed to the mounted now by the Spanish justice. Sat in the prisioner¨s seat of the accuses to follower several of Hitler to occult the real causes of that barbarism before the universal conscience of the exploited. That Huge legal choreography adapted for the scene between October of 1946 and March of 1947, inspired the " universal Statement of the DD.HH." that the General Assembly of the United Nations approved 10 of December of 1948, so that the subordinate classes of the capitalism we return to sting the fishhook.

Today we assist to a similar spectacle. When this court dictated the jail penalty for the ringleaders surviving fascists, their victims wept also of happiness in the belief of the fact that never would return to be repeated crimes against the similar humanity. The faith in which the world was finishing of be vaccinated against all future barbarism, synthesized in the expression "anymore" timely wedged by the media of the era.

In those moments of universal "fraternity" , the principal direct executors of the crimes perpetrated in Chile and Argentina had between twenty-five and forty years, an optimum age for understand the presumed historical projection of that judgement. Two decades after these militars were happened all that historical bilge of Neüremberg for use of incautious by the inner surface of the thights.

Of be not have let to glare by the lights suit that today adorns to the little favored short figure of the ineffable judge Garzón, if they were in arrangement of understanding the real objective causes that permit place historically the World War II with genocides as the occurred in Chile and Argentina less than thirty years after, perhaps who today serve to the interest of the Spanish imperialistic capitalism they were inserted with so much enthusiasm in this business of changing a justice additionally with respect to the Spanish disappeared in those two countries.

It was Nietzche who for the first time it exposed until its last theoretical consequences of philosophy of the historical solipsismo. To declares exempt and clearly that "it is not possible to live with the truth", Nietzche inaugurated a philosophy of the metamorphosis or change of a reality additionally according to the beliefs or the interest, as necessary reaction of the living man as compared to a reality that is not let dominate to pleasure. Nietzche combatted the academicism of the hiystoriography, the isolation of the historical science in relation to the life. But the link that arrived to establish between the science of the history and the life, it is that of the misrepresentation of the reality as a means of survival, an appropriateness of the thought and the action to the faith or to the convenience personal....

<<...eliminated with all conscience the distasteful facts, unfavorable "for the life". In this desire of Nietche by relating the history to the life, it appeals to the following fact of the life: "to all action corresponds a forgetfulness". This constitutes yet a cynical philosophy of the apologetic. Nietzche expresses here, openly, without modesty some, that that the university historians that are found service of the middle class conceal sheepishly, being hidden cravenly after the mask of an objectivity. In Nietzce appears as a "deep", "eternal" biological truth of the life what @@ocnstituía a historical need wing par middle class of their/its/your/his time, to know, to forge it the historical facts>> (G. Lukács: "The historical novel" Cap. 3)

The wrong business that of a manner most or less naive, more or less party have made in all this matter the militants of the DD.HH. it has consisted in which to the action of judging the Dictatorships of Pinochet and Videla, corresponded the forgetfulness of the fact that the disappeared were revolutionary antiimperialist militants . Such it has been the logical result of have wrong sold the revolutionary justice concept to acquire that of burgess justice.

Of this manner, the ideology that presides customary practice within the organizations of DD.HH. it has been converted into the subtlest and effective instrument of the burgeoise to neutralize all subversive dynamics. It consist of metamorphosing the episodes of the struggle of classes through legal and moral abstractions that induce to the desideologicalization and selective historical amnesia of the facts and its protagonists.

The profuse literature employed in the middle related of the philosophy of the DD.HH. it is eloquent test of they. Thus, to be referred to the disappeared, it is changed the political reality of the antimperialist revolutionary militant for the legal category of "person", is lack coarsely to the truth creating an abstract and fictitious historical report, without referring real, that only favors to the you interest that they are behind or below all these sheds ideológico-juridicos

Hoisting the idea of the DD.HH. and of the confidence in the in all imperial justice , the polemic movements remain to mercy of the historical subjetivism , where the marches and againstmanrches of the history are understood as individual conduct product eminents qualified of good or wrong according to the political circumstances and the conveniences of class or fractions of class, circumstances and conveniences. Thus, such as the goods of use discardes in the sociology of the modern consumption society of consumption tipical of the late capitalism, exemplary and efficient safeguards of the bourgeois system in its moment, as Pinochet, Videla, Noriega,Idi Amin. Pietr Botha or Mobutu, they share today the same destiny of the "bad".

But the most emblematic example of the historical maniqueo subjetivism prevailing, it appears today represented in the figure of the Sadam Husein. When in the decade of the eighty offered to his people as cannon meat to restore the political stability in the Middle East, the international burgeoise understood that Sadam was good, very good, and armed to his regime until the teeth so that drowned in blood the Iranian revolution í. In that moment, the philosophy of the DD.HH. took a step to the side and at the same time that the international monopolies were making fatty benefits with the see you of massive destruction weapons to Iraq, that war was carried by before to more than a million of persons. Conspired the revolution danger in Iran, with his weakened country economically by the huge war debt, Sadan it has been returned "bad", very bad, because the project of the Baath dark partyBaath based on an independent State capitalism, blocks the placement of the huge accrued capital bulk remaining in the world struggling increasingly by be empowered of the state rate companies as the Irakí, to convert to its million of personnel into source of direct production of surplus.

Difficulties as those which today oppose anachronistic projects of burgeoise little capitalistic accumulation to the irakí style , such as in the decade of the seventy occurred in countries as Chile and Argentina, they are those which contribute to extend the slow growth phase with periodical crisis increasingly acute, that to medium term threaten the continuity of the process of accumulation and the political stability of the capitalistic system in its joint. Today it is spoken much of Videla and Pinochet, while it is gone from tacks by the genocide that the imperialistic entente is perpetrating in Iraq with the embargo to that country, where according to recent information come dying more than ten thousand children per month from eight years ago .

In the same way that the World War II was not product of the will of Hitler and his political environment, but of the objective laws that determine the social movement under the capitalism, it is equally untruthful to impute the genocides of Argentina, Chile or Iraq, to individual as Pinochet, Videla or Sadam. In all the cases, these subjects have not been neither they are more than occasional instruments in the current stage of the human history, motorized by the huge bulk of remaining accrued capital that presses to meet profitable application within system.

It is considered so incomprehensible economic forces for practice of the exploited and of the immense majority of intellectual with university training , as in remote times it was occurring with the forces of the nature; from there the need - then as now - of personalizing them, converting the history in mythology. But already it is known that the myths were the reflex in the collective mind of the under development of the productive social forces, magic thought structures that the primitive earth dwellers built in their heads for "to master" with the imagination the actually untamed forces of the nature. On the other hand, the modern myths - as is the case of the DD.HH. - are not any product of the material lag neither of the human candour, but to the contrary, an invention of the burgeoise in the era of the automation deliberately contained, not to master the nature but the congeners that exploit and direct. And it sadder of these ideological fetuss of political stupidity, is that the seasonings of the misleading illusion do not put them who lie wretchedly, but who are believed the tale.


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