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What is FELLA ?

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The Foundation for the Libertarian and Anarcho Syndicalist Studies (FELLA) is an entity created by the Catalan CNT syndicates in February 1990 with the following aims:

  1. Preserve the CNT archives from Catalonia.
  2. Offer the opportunity to consult these archives to anybody who might be interested
  3. Create an open space which other groups and entities within the Libertarian movement are welcome to share and participate thus establishing periodical contacts to carry out joint actions.
    As a sign of this open willingness we want to point out that, as a foundation, the FELLA statutes contemplate a most advanced democratic performance. These statutes create the figure of the so called "member" who works through the "members assembly" so that people who are not affiliated to the CNT can belong to the FELLA.
  4. Encourage further studies on libertarian and anarcho syndicalist ideas and thought.

The activities that the FELLA performs can therefore be grouped in two big sections: - Material Archives - Diffusion of Ideology

1) Material Archives

One of the FELLA's central activities is the compilation and classification of documents, news papers, magazines, bulletins, displays, posters, books, stickers, booklets, leaflets, audiovisual material .. etc. Apart from all the material generated by the CNT, there is also material from other entities as well as material donated or purchased.

The FELLA currently has:

In order to publish periodically the status of the documentary fund there is a bulletin called Quaderns d'Arxius ("Archives' Notebook") edited by the FELLA. There are three issues published until this day: cita

2) Diffusion of ideology

The other aim that the FELLA has is the diffusion of the Libertarian Movement ideology. With this aim some bulletins are published as well as conferences, exhibitions, book presentations, video shows, poetry shows …etc.. which is usually the result of collaborations with other libertarian groups. Whenever possible, The FELLA also collaborates in the edition of books or booklets.

There are two bulletins published regularly, the one already mentioned earlier Quaderns d'Arxius and the Boletín de la FELLA ("FELLA bulletin") which deals with different issues within the libertarian movement and lists all the forthcoming activities.

Amongs the activities that have taken place we would like to highlight the event Anarquisme: Exposició Internacional ("Anarchism: International Exhibition"):

We also want to point out that the work performed by the FELLA does not end with the diffusion of ideology:

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