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International Congress on "Fostering Caring Masculinities". Girona (Spain)

20 - 22 october

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Fostering Caring Masculinities (FOCUS) aims to examine and improve men’s opportunities for balancing work and private/family life in order to encourage the preparedness of men to take over caring tasks. To reach this goal the project focuses on companies’ framework conditions to perceive and include men as actors and target groups in equality policies.

FOCUS is a trans national project involving fi ve European countries: Germany, Iceland, Norway, Slovenia and Spain. In each of these countries we have carried out work place studies in two companies. Based on these studies, best practices from different companies and on creative discussions our aim is to develop guidelines of how companies can help men balance work and private life.

At the conference we will present the national and comparative results of the project and suggest future guidelines for fostering caring masculinities. You are invited to the conference Fostering Caring Masculinities.

Where? Girona in Spain

When? Friday 20 - Sunday 22 October 2006

Who? Employers, researchers, politicians, journalists, gender equality consultants and representatives from social partners such as trade unions

If you are interested in participating at the conference you can get more information on

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