The tactics of the improvidence and the confusion

The work that precedes this on the current war in Yugoslavia was presented to the G.P.M. the past 26 of March, and approved on Tuesday 30, but difficulties of technical-computer order have delayed its entry in the Web until the day of the date. In this time interval, the conflict forced to the fact that the humanity descended a step more in direction to the hell of a third World War. 

Until 26 of March, the yugoslavian army had come being limited to operate exclusively against the fascist guerrilla of the E.L.K. That day the NATO recrudesced its air assaults on yugoslavian territory . The government of this country answered then breaking diplomatic relationships with the most involved countries in the imperialistic aggression, it expelled the western journalists underlined in the stage of the facts, and it proceeded the day 27 to begin the cleanliness of Kosovo of population Albanian. 
This means that three days of the fact that the NATO came unloading its pumps and misiles on Belgrade and Pristina, the serbian continued still maintaining in fact the commitment and the pacific possibility of granting a wide autonomy for the Albanians of Kosovo, according to figure in the draft of the agreements of Rambouillet; agreements that finally they did not arrive  to sign, by be opposed to the clause proposed by the other part, that it was authorizing the presence in its sovereign territory of forces of the NATO as supposed guarantor of the agreement. The prouve of the fact that the yugoslavian State maintained its commitments until that moment, it is in that the massive exodus of Albanian civil population began to be noted recently from day 28. 
Now then, according to declared in Brussels 31 of March by the spokesman of the Atlantic Alliance, Jaime Shea, the objective of the cleanliness operation is not reduced to the alone forced migration of persons, but to the political identity spoliation and patrimony of the deported. For that, the serbian authorities underlined in the frontiers of the country, they would have been commissioned with to requisition identity season-tickets and other crediting documentation of individual property of the expelled on various goods that they had to abandon in yugoslavian territory : " They are eliminating birth certificates, marriage acts and titles of property. That equals to rob the sense of the passed for write back the history". Of be certain these news, the unexpected form in which the yugoslavian regime is executing the exodus, restitution very little probable a return back in the terms of the conflict, that tends thus to be outlined in the pure language of the generalized warlike barbarisms.

The beginning of the military hostilities unfettered it the NATO before the total yugoslavian rejection to the foreign presence in its territory during the three years that the draft of the agreements let anticipated that it would be delayed in carrying to practice the statute of autonomy of the Albanians in yugoslavian territory. The imperialists of the NATO established this unrenounceable exigency in the need of avoiding the happened in Kosovo ten years before, when the serbian State intervened to attempt to stop a process impelled by centrifuge forces of national democratic character, the same that today ETA incarnates in the Spanish State, by citing alone an example of those which there are several in the current configuration of several integrating States of the NATO.

France and Spain coordinate currently the police action against the armed triggering of the MLNV in both territories.  What would these two imperialistic States and the NATO make, if E.T.A. had logistical support and sufficient military capacity as for go from the irregular action to the militia and from the urban terrorism to the movements war in all the Basque countrywide , as is the case of the E.L.K. in Kosovo? The expacifist Solana and other political bureaucrats and militars that direct the NATO, they know that to justify their intervention in Yugoslavia they have had to false the historical facts and they flee as from the pest before questions as this.

They support to the guerrilla of the E.L.K. such as they supported to the bosnian and croatan fractions of the regulara armies pre-existent in these two ex republics integrated in the yugoslavian Federation . But it is considered two cases thoroughly different by three reasons. First , Croacia and Bosnia are not historical serbian territories , Kosovo yes. Second , Croacia and Bosnia enjoyed status of republics with own administration, parliament and FF.AA. own. Kosovo is under jurisdiction of the serbian republic of direct manner, where the Albanians do not enjoy any legal jurisdiction neither special politician. Third , the army underlined in that territory answers in block to the interest of Belgrade. From there that the E.L.K. it will be a limited irregular military training without heavy armament, that it has not been able go from the movement war. Conclusion: in so much the conflict is developed within a sovereign State and it does not reach to be converted into civil war, it is not justified no force of  international interposition, less yet of a militar organization as the NATO.

Given the different political situation and militar of Croacia and Bosnia with respect to Kosovo, to implement the same strategy of to convert the population and material resources of those regions, into direct source of appropriation of surplus for the end of the accumulation, the imperialistic coalition was seen specified to use two different tacticss. To begin their strategy of breakup of the yugoslavian State , the imperialistic powers began by recognizing the independence of Croacia, thing that they would not have been able to do in the case of Kosovo without violating coarsely the international legality.

This explains that the logistics and militarhelp that they have come lending to the E.L.K. may have been until the moment very modest, which indicates that the tactics designed by the NATO for Kosovo until the day 28 of March, going through to use the harassments of the E.L.K. for the only end of forcing to the yugoslavian regime to negotiate a "wide autonomy in Kosovo". Within that negotiation it was included as unrenounceable condition, the presence (it reads peaceful invasion) of the NATO in kosovar territory, under pretext of guaranteeing that the autonomy process (ir reads independence and segregation of Kosovo of the yugoslavian territory ) it is fulfilled.

Before the reasonable, intelligent and firm determination of be denied to permit the foreign troops presence in its sovereign territory , and the not less firm resistant unit of the serbian people to spite of the bombardments, the political bureaucrats and yugoslavian soldiers have ended up to dismantle the tactical plans of the NATO, taking into account, account, furthermore, of the fact that its assaults they did not serve to avoid the ethnic cleanliness of the kosovares but they seem have it incentivated. It is evident, since, that the " given force" in manner some has been politically determinant, and this new reality not anticipated reality is what has provoked the current disorientation in the imperialistic block. This perplexity of the imperialists has sowing, furthermore, the anxiety and loss of credibility between its subordinate classes, that warn the certain possibility of the fact that the situation in the balcanes it is discontroled and of sudden manner they could be tragically thrown to the hell of a third World War.

In France, Chirac seems to agree with the "green" minister Dominique Voynet and the liberal democrat Alain Madelín, in the idea of invading Yugoslavia, but it crashes with an opposition strongly critic within executive, in the context of massive demonstrations against the war organized by the Communist Party and the Movement of the Citizens leadered by the Home Office minister Jean Pierre Chevénement. Before the unforeseeable course of the events, political as the president of the National Assembly, Laurent Fabius, that days back he expressed publicly his anxiety before the offensive of the NATO, they swallowed themselves by the moment the toad of their uncertainties and reserves, pressed as they were seen by the calls to the unit of that they were object by the part of president Chirac and of the prime minister Jospin.

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