The political leaders to cargo of the State appliances in the countries of the imperialistic chain, near the responsible bureaucrats for thelarge European parliamentarians parties and of an organization curiously converted into defending of the "human rights", as the NATO, all they coincide in deal justified and duly legitimated to carry forward the unilateral military action underway on Yugoslavia, this is, without to mediate an authorization expresses by the part of Security Council of the United Nations. According to their coincident words, that justification and legitimacy they have found in two "reasons"

1) to leave in defense of the human rights that are being "savagely they violated in the Europe heart by actions of " ethnic cleanliness" and

2) to guarantee the international safety threatened by the yugoslavian regime. Armed with these two reasons, the imperialists of the NATO are being devoting to crush to Yugoslavia to stop the " humanitarian catastrophe" that the new "demon" called Milosevik, the "Sadam of the Balkans", it is provoking on the "defenseless" people of Kosovo.

According to the articles 3 and 5 of the treaty of Washington, the NATO was created to act as an organization to fight for the defense. And according to the article 6, her action area must be limited to the territory of its member countries. Outside of this area, it is specifically prescribed in that same article, that its actions should be governed according to the Letter of the United Nations that consecrates the principle of not injerencia and respect to the third parties sovereignty States. Further more, according to the article 24 and chapter VII, the guarantee of the international safety is not competition of other  instance that it will not be the Security Council of the United Nations. Having intervened in Yugoslavia, the NATO is being behaving, a time more, as an offensive military organization on the goods and the population of a sovereign territory than in some manner it has assaulted to no member country of that organization . Further more, it is acting without the express assent of the Security Council. A flagrant violation of the international legality in all rule. A consecrated legality and instituted by themselves. themselves .

The terms " ethnic cleanliness" and " humanitarian catastrophe" evoke respectively multitude of historical precedents in the existence years of the NATO, in addition to other so many cases that they are occurring today while that organization watches for other side. Of they, we go ourselves to refer here summarily to two, the most notorious and of greater present time, as it is the Palestinian and Kurdish cases.

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