We are not going to debate here with - lucky today minority - those who continue thinking that the political regime of Iraq was constituting a threat for the peace and the world safety. On the other hand yes we have to and want to converse with the pacifists. Also with the antiimperialists middle-class, those who in name of Marx and Lenin declare themselves in favour of the frail bourgeois in opposition to the most powerful.

Already we have dealt shortly with the precedents of this new internacional conflict in In that moment, the international bourgeois was joined in the common strategy of breaking the political monopoly of the nationalistic iraq State on the exploitation of the social work of this country based of the industry of the oil. The international bourgeois could neutralized easier to his subordinates classes because the salarieds was divided betweenthe movements pacifist and antiimperialist,both movements of ideological origin bourgeois,claiming each of them two political contradictory ideas: the generic and abstract idea of the peace, demanding to respect the law of not intervention to both opponent,and the (minority) idea of the "consistent" antiimperialism,inspired by the linking towards the frailest capitalist countries,which gave his support at the iraqui regime.

Today, the subordinates classes, we are collected in the common idea pacifist expressed in " not the war "; and this, from the historical perspective of the interests of the humanity, is a step improve. Not for the fact that the movement has been unified in this idea, but because there is in it an element of revolutionary rationality that comes out or penetrates the juridical and moral appearances as explanation of the political facts. Exactly because, this time, the disguise of these appearances has been crushed for whom they should take care that always it intervenes between the exploited ones and the truth of the historical facts, allowing to the revolutionaries to fulfill the necessary task of clarification with all efficiency. That the masses have understood and expressed that this one is a " war for the oil", it says neither everything, nor even the most essential thing, but undoubtedly that it goes to his meeting.

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