The present document has been elaborated on account of an express petition by the comrades of the International Communist Current, one of the organizations that recognizes its origins in the communist trend that prevailed in Germany, Holland and Italy during the European revolutionary upheaval of the twenties.

At the moment of knowing about these comrades, we were - and still are - in the task of working on the draft of a document about the political implications of dialectics in the context of the differences between Hegel and Marx, on account of the opinions of a Chilean comrade that arbitrated in our polemic with Rafael Pla López that we have already passed to our page. At the same time, taking advantage of the actuality of the "Pinochet Case", we devoted ourselves to elaborate an analysis and exposition of the material causes that lie in the base of the political instrumentation of the philosophy of the H.H.R.R. (human rights) by the international bourgeoisie, interested in eliminating the remaining restrictive political clauses of the Pinochet dictatorship, that make more onerous the free penetration of the multinational capital in that country. This material is already transferred to the page.

The C.C.I. has requested us to take position in regards to the problem of national liberation, especially on the issue of the Basque country. Though in a tangential and therefore incomplete manner, we referred to this in a paper with the title of: "The crisis of capitalism and the attitude of the revolutionaries in face of the Yugoslavian conflict” which can be reached from our web page. We have approached there this problems taking into account the doctrine laid down by Lenin and the Bolsheviks from 1912. According to this theory, there are elements of the reality in the Basque Country that assimilate it to the condition of semi-colony of the Spanish imperialist State and so we have put down summarily in the paper that we have just referred to.

This is all that we had considered until today on the so important question of national self-determination and that we subsequently took up again on petition of the comrades of the ICS, something that we are grateful of, because we are part of many, for whom theoretical practice is not a vocation but a need imposed by the historical circumstances.


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