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The killing
of Sabino Romero

(PDF, 04.03.13)

Neither mourning
nor celebrating:
time for social struggles to become autonomous!
Anarchist statement
on the death
of Hugo Chavez

(PDF, 06.03.13)

Venezuela elections 2012: the circus comes, the circus goes…
(PDF, 05.09.13)

Cuban authorities seize Venezuelan newspaper
El Libertario

(PDF, 05.03.13)

Interview with
Rafael Uzcátegui

(PDF, 05.10.12)

in Latin America:
a sketch of its history, characteristics and prospects

(PDF, 10.08.12)

statement on the death
of Hugo Chavez

Neither mourning
nor celebrating:

time for social
struggles to become autonomous!

(Doc, 80 kb, 05.03.13)

Dossier of selected texts in English 01
PDF, 800 kb, 03.05.12)

swe Dossier of selected texts in English 02
(txt, 11 kb, 03.05.12)

swe Dossier of selected texts in English 03
(txt, 11 kb, 03.05.12)

swe Venezuela: Shock Therapy to “nationalise” and discipline the daily lives
(txt, 11 kb, 15.12.10)

swe Venezuela-Cuba relationship: What
can be said from
an anarchist perspective?

(txt, 11 kb, 15.12.10)

On infiltration...
(text, 12 kb, 13.04.10)

swe Why is there popular protest in Venezuela?
(text, 12 kb, 13.04.10)

swe Venezuela: The jail bars will not silence people protest
(text, 12 kb, 11.04.10)

swe Venezuela: the myth
of "Eco-socialism
of the XXI Century"

(text, 12 kb, 13.04.10)

swe The crisis
in Venezuela: understanding the causes, assigning
blame and
suggesting solutions

(text, 12 kb, 12.01.10)

Vetelca: The story
of the first ever
maquila factory

(text, 12 kb, 12.11.09)

The Bolivarian Government Against Union Autonomy
(text, 10 kb, 10.11.09)

The murderers can
not make justice. On
the exhumations of
the Caracazo

(text, 41 kb, 10.11.09)

de Eleven reasons
not to vote
on Dec. 3 (2006)

(Text, 22 kb .doc, 15.10.06)

nh A Call and an Alert
to Public Opinion

(Text, 5 kb, .txt)

bg Depolarization
and autonomy: Challenges to Venezuela’s social movements after D-3

(Text, 5 kb, .txt)

Venezuela 2006: Anarchism against
all odds

(.txt, 10kb, 03.06.06)

cd Talking about the Venezuelan situation
(.txt, 7kb, 15.01.06)

xs Caracas libertarian declaration
(.txt, 5kb, 29.01.06)

sw The Alternative Social Forum in Caracas:
Voices from the Left
(.txt, 10kb, 15.02.06

vf Macho Men and State Capitalism - Is Another World Possible?
(.txt, 13 kb, 28.01.06)

cd WSF Caracas:
shroud for Venezuela´s social movement´s

(.txt, 20 kb, 05.01.06)

xs The war of 100 years: Latin america´s second independance or bust?
(.txt, 15 kb, 15.11.05)

zs Venezuela´s anarchists and the
three-way fight

(.txt, 19 kb, 01.07.05)

Venezuela 2005: visions and answers from an anarchist perspective
(.txt, 15 kb, 01.07.05)

The Bolivarian Developmente Model
in Venezuela:
Its Enviromental
and Social Impacts

(Amigransa, 11k, 15.01.06)

ju Venezuela: Demarcation without land, criminalization
and death for
indigenous struggle

(text, 29.11.09)

hy Venezuela:
Anti-police impunity activist assassinated

(text, 5 kb, 28.11.09)

gt Venezuela: The error of being Lusbi Portillo
(text, 6 kb, 28.11.09)

fr Venezuela,
The first ever Caracas Libertarian Bookfair

(text, 13 kb, 28.11.09)

de Noam Chomsky
as Chávez’s Clown

(text, 11 kb, 15.10.09)

sw To defend the right
of social protest!

(text, 6 kb, 15.08.09)

vf The Anarchist
School: Education
For Equality -
J. Martín Luengo

(text, 11 kb, 15.08.09)

vf Venezuela: El Libertario warns of possible sentence to
the 14 SIDOR workers

(text, 6 kb, 15.07.09)

cd Interview with
the newspaper
El Libertario

(text 15 kb, 15.06.09)

nm Venezuela: the death
of the "process", the weight of the warlord

(text 15 kb, 15.02.09)

vb Venezuela: No concentration of power
is ever revolutionary

(text 13 kb, 15.01.09)

cx The revolution

(text, 61 kb)

vc Venezuela: Trade unionism between the servile bureaucracy
and the hired killers

(text 47 kb, 15.01.09)

za Venezuela:
Terror in Perija

(text 10 kb, 15.01.09)

xs Venezuela:
National Security = Personal Insecurity

(text, 08.09.08)

se Memories of
“Popular Power”
in Venezuela’s

(text, 08.06.08)

se Struggling for
the autonomy
of Venezuela’s
social movements

(text, 05.06.08)

Feminist Self-defense: No God! No Master!
No Sexist Aggressions!

(text, 05.05.08)

hn Something smells different in Cuba
(text, 21 kb, 05.05.08)

in Venezuela, past
and present

(text, 20 kb, 07.05.08)

of Latin American antimilitarists:
We don’t need
another war

(text, 20 kb, 06.03.08)

Venezuela 2008:
A libertarian proposal
for the current

(text, 20 kb, 26.02.08)

Is kidnapping
a method
of revolutionary
A libertarian
socialist position

(text, 20 kb, 26.02.08)

ki Venezuela: Against
(B)oligarchy, demagogy and corruption. Autonomous
struggle from
the ground up!

(text, 20 kb, 24.02.08)

The crisis in Kenya
and the hypocrisy
of the WSF

(text, 20 kb, 28.01.08)

lo Venezuela Behind
the Smokescreen

(text, 14 kb, 15.11.07)

hg Insurgentes
against Venezuela´s constitutional reform

(text, 14 kb, 15.11.07)

gf Interview with Jorge Montiel, Maikiralasa’lii wayuu group:
“We have a truth
in front of us and we need to inform it”

(text, 14 kb, 15.11.07)

fr Reforms take
away what is gained through the struggle

(text, 14 kb, 08.11.07)

aq The Myth of
in Venezuela:
Reflections on
Alcasa and Invepal

(text, 14 kb, 01.10.07

ak 2nd  Screening
of Videoactivism
and Independent Documentaries,
Caracas January 2008

(text, 14 kb, 15.09.07)

Venezuela today: complexities and
outright lies

(text, 14 kb, 15.08.07)

Refuting the Deafs: Chavism and Anarchism in Venezuela
(text, 14 kb, may 2007)

vf Venezuela: The case
of RCTV and the fictional democratization
of communication

(text, 13kb, may 2007)

bg Interview with indonesian anarchist journal EMPTY HEAVEN
(text, 14 kb, May 2007)

cd Venezuela: on the
dark side of the moon

(text, 10kb, 15.02.07)

Extreme Violence, Extreme Indifference:
Jails in Venezuela
(text, 8kb .txt, 03.03.07)

de Venezuela 2006: Continued repression
of popular protest

(Text, 45 kb .doc)

de An anarchist perspective about Venezuela
(Booklet, 346 kb pdf)
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