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Let's leave the streets and take over their avenues

From June 25th to 27th the Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics of the Worldbank will take place in Barcelona. It is the third of its kind in Europe. Several anticapitalistic and autonomous collectives, organisations and individuals are organising a joint resistance in order to boycott and stop this meeting.

The spanish minister of economy Rodríguez Rato invited the Worldbank to hold their meeting in Barcelona. The different apparatus of repression (Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Spanish secret service CESID, Europol, etc.) didn't choose Barcelona by chance. This choice is part of their strategy of repression, trying to silence and criminalize all dissident voices to the system, and they will use the foreseen protests to their advantage in order to clean Barcelona an its surroundings from social movements and anticapitalistic resistance.

We distinguish ourselves from institutionalised politics of protests of major trade unions, political parties and big NGO's against "globalisation", which turn the protests into just another item on the agenda of the WB, FMI and WTO meetings, revealing their character as an integrated and integrating means of bourgeois capitalistic democracy.

We convoke internationally to take part in the protests in Barcelona to show once more that the Worldbank isn't welcome anywhere, and to destroy the image of "normality", of Barcelona as an open, tolerant and modern Metropolis, which the political and economic leaders want to make us believe. Autonomous libertarian and anarchist groups, catalonian independents, communists and other extraparliamentary social movements call to join the demonstration that will take place on june 25th, in order to blockade and to stop the Worldbank meeting.

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