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12. Mongolia - MCE Mongolia
Begin:August 18, 2003, End: August 31, 2003 

Topic: Children, teenagers, elderly people
Orphanage-6 (Buhug)
Childcare Center of Mongolia is the only, national Orphanage where about 300 kids who have no parents live and study together. They get much less financial support by the government than socialism age. CCM has a simple residential building and a big field where they produce vegetables such as carrots, radish, onions, etc. just enough for their meals all year (they keep it 4 meter under the ground for one year that is a quite magic!) The vegetables are very purely organic and very tasty and kids are very nice! 

Work: We will work together with the orphans aged 12-15 to remove the weeds in the field like last year. Quite tiring but let's enjoy it with them! 4 groups of 30 kids come here for each 2 weeks in July and Aug., so this is the last group before harvest in mid. Sep. 
Study: The future plan of international workcamps in Mongolia and the orphanage. Bring some info.! P: Cultural exchange program, excursions, etc. 
Accommodation: Mongolian gers. and in Ulaanbaatar for a few days, economical hotel. SB! CV with a local staff. 
Location: 45 km from Ulaanbaatar. Place name is “BUHUG”. The sight is just unbelievably beautiful, typical Mongolian plain. 
Terminal/Region: Ulaanbaatar (MCE will kindly pick volunteers up at the airport!) 
Qualification: To like kids and be flexible/ adaptable. Mongolian speakers are welcome! NO VEGETARIAN!! 
Extra: The additional fee of 150 US$ should be paid on your arrival directly.
Number of Volunteers: 20 



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