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VISITAS Estadísticas


MA 6.1 LA SEMILLA Bolonia (Cádiz)
Begin:June 23, 2003, End: July 6, 2003 
Topic: Enviroment

La Semilla is situated in a beautiful valley in front of the African coast. It is a small community with four adults and one baby living in an abandoned farm. The community was born with the aim to rediscover a simple and closest to nature way of living, avoiding the waste of energy and natural resources. They also want to develop the farm as a meeting-point for those interested in an alternative way of thinking. They organised several seminars and workshops throughout the year. They also run a vegetarian restaurant on Sundays and sell their own home-made bread to finance their project. Using almost only traditional techniques and natural or recycled materials they have reconstructed the house. 
Work: bioconstruction and also in the organic orchard. 
Accommodation: Tents 
Language: English

Number of Volunteers: 8 

CAT 6.2 Cooperativa Aula Livingstone
Begin:July 1, 2003, End: July 15, 2003 
Topic: Enviroment

Cooperativa Aula Livingstone
 1-15/7 12 vols Aula Livingstone is a cooperative which aims to protect the natural patrimony through Environmental Education programmes in a small village called Ollauri in La Rioja. Their main activities are training courses on ecology issues, stays in the nature for adults and children and edition of material about environment. 
Work: Preservation of the natural patrimony, gardening in deteriorated areas and replanting with the method Nendo-Dango . 
Study: ecology and environment in that area 
Accommodation: accommodation will be simple in shared rooms. Food will normally be vegetarian. Sleeping bag is needed. 
Language: Spanish knowledge is required 
Extra: Be ready for working hard!!. Motivation letter in Spanish will be valued

Number of Volunteers: 12 

MAD-6.4 CIGÜEÑA NEGRA Tarifa (Cádiz)
Begin:July 1, 2003, End: July 15, 2003 
Topic: Enviroment
Centro Ornitológico Cigüeña Negra actividades de volutariado
La Cigüeña Negra is an environmental group that has been studying for many years the rich wildlife and ecological biodiversity of Tarifa (very South of Spain), a well known spot for bird-watching lovers as many birds migratory routes cross this area. Due to this evidence and the ecologist pressure, the whole zone is been recently protected as Playa de Los Lances Seacoast Natural Park. 
Work: Painting the walls of an information point to signal the Natural Park entrance. Translation of their web site into the volunteers languages in order to better publicise the natural values of the Park at an international level . Active participation in their bird census activities: early migratory species. 
Accommodation: in a youth hostel nearby. 
Extra: High interest in environment required. 
Language: English

Number of Volunteers: 11 

E-CAT-6.3 Panal

Begin:July 1, 2003, End: July 15, 2003 
Topic: Enviroment

Panal is an association which aims to protect the natural, historical and cultural patrimony through local activities in the village of Nalda, La Rioja. Their main projects until now have been: gardening and creation of green areas, recuperation/ restauration of monuments and historical works, three SCI workcamps in 1996, 1997 and 2000, etc. Campo de Trabajo de Artosilla con Voluntarios de 1999
Work: vols will work to clean up and restore a rubbish dump which is located in a gully. The goal is to bring awareness raising on the caring of environment between local the population. 
Study: development of rural economy and traditional agriculture 
Accommodation: youth hostel in which the vols will do the daily tasks (food and cleaning) for themselves. Vegetarians are welcome 
Language: English 
Extra: Be ready to work hard !!!!! Physically demanding.

Number of Volunteers: 18 

E-CAT-6.1 Lithica

Begin:July 5, 2003, End: July 20, 2003 
Topic: Enviroment

6.1 LÍTHICA, Ciutadella de Menorca 5-20/7 12 vols Líthica is an association that has developed an ambitious project to restore the “marès” (natural quarries). Menorca is an island, which still preserves a great part of its natural areas and traditions. 
Work: Gardening work in a Botanical Circuit of the ancient quarries by cleaning and clearing the stone paths. Also building a new pool, planting trees and water plants in a small quarried area . 
Study: to raise the interest and beauty of the stone ecological tradition. 
Accommodation: big rooms with litters (bring your sleeping bag) and complete toilettes. No problem for vegetarians. 
Language: English, Spanish, French 
Extra: BRING YOUR OWN BYCICLE or you will have to rent it in Menorca !!! Be prepared to hard work and be very active !!

Number of Volunteers: 12 

E-MAD-6.2 LA VERDE Villamartín (Cádiz)

Begin:September 4, 2003, End: September 24, 2003 
Topic: Enviroment

La Verde is an biological farm owned by the workers of a co-operative in the South of Spain. They see the co-operative as a way to struggle for a different kind of economy and society, while producing healthy food. The farm-products are mainly fruits and vegetables. They also carry out a research on biological seeds in collaboration with the University of Sevilla 
Work: The volunteers will help with different tasks on the farm like weeding, seeding or harvesting fruits. It is very important to be interested in ecological farming. Please note that the heat and the work are hard! 
Accommodation: in two rooms, but basic conditions. Bring your sleeping bag!! 
Extra: local traditional harvest festivities take place about the same time. 
Language:English – but knowledge of Spanish is very welcome!!

Number of Volunteers: 7 

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Ecosfera trabaja voluntaria y comprometidamente sobre los Ecosistemas que en España o en el Mundo puedan encontrarse en una situación de emergencia, y donde las acciones de grupos ecológicos y sociales puedan frenar y evitar una posible desaparición de los mismos y de las culturas  indígenas que en ellos todavía sobrevivan.

 Que intenta analizar el desarrollo humano dentro de los ecosistemas en peligro y culturas que forman parte de los  mismos, apoyando a ONGs, organismos, asociaciones, colectivos, y sociedades que luchan por un equilibrio entre desarrollo y ecosistema, siempre que en esta lucha den prioridad a la biodiversidad, culturas y fomenten la recuperación ecológica, de un modo integrador.
 Que estudia los factores de desarrollo que directamente incidan de una forma repetitiva en los diferentes ecosistemas en peligro, y generan un deterioro de los mismos, como la economía mal planificada, la sobrepoblación en zonas sin capacidad de absorción, la falta de educación ambiental  y social, la tecnología inadecuada al medio, etc. 
 Y formar una vez formados e informados, a voluntarios,  miembros del SCI y otros colectivos en el entendimiento del  problema, para su deseada resolución. 

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