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Fait accompli

Monday 18 May 2009, by sods

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Iturgaiz Dear sir: I have had knowledge of his pleasure at the meeting of the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament attended by members of Globalízate. In this committee you asked for "greater speed and strength to act against illegal road," referring to an illegal road in the autonomous community of Cantabria. The first time I went to Brussels, invited by the Committee on Petitions, we have the support of all groups except their own. In a second visit I could see that the Popular support for continuing the project of splitting up the M-501 Navas del Rey, Madrid that was taking place despite the Supreme Court in Madrid and had declared illegally through two sentences.

His words pleased me the other day because I am so pleased that you are also against policies first and then weigh-up and mostly regrettable. In fact, with very good reason, demanded that the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament, which will in future act with greater diligence to avoid a "fait accompli". Our attitude towards M-501 remains the same and although the courts continue to the end giving us the reason we are victims of the policy of fait accompli in which you are now enemies. We hope that your opinion will stand firm when the Esperanza Aguirre arremete Administration to further expand a road that crosses a Place of Community Interest and Special Protection Area for Birds and whose construction is in breach of Community law.