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Who are we

By way of introduction

Thursday 4 September 2008, by Javier

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Pantano de San Juan"Sierra Oeste desarrollo S.O.S.tenible" was born in the summer of 2003, resulting from the concern of a group of men and women for the environmental and social situation in the area. Two facts served as a trigger to form a partnership: a sequence of catastrophic fires that razed more than 2,500 hectares and the intention by the Comunidad de Madrid, to build infrastructure in an area recently ravaged by fire.

Since then, we have put our effort in many, many problems: high levels of ozone (enormous health risk but ignored by local governments and the Commonwealth), the situation of water supply, management of landfills and sewage, poaching, the abandonment of animals, extractions and illegal dumping, especially the excessive urban growth and its impact on the current population. The construction of major road infrastructure that feed such growth has undoubtedly been our main battlefield. In the case of the M-501, the Comunidad de Madrid stepped on the accelerator works for greed reached before the law, through a shameful policy of fait accompli. But still in the fight.

Our activity serves as a close relationship with SEPRONA, with the forest officials, with reputable scientists and other associations, both environmental and socio-cultural character. Many have been in this time of SOdS partnerships with universities in the area of the Comunidad de Madrid, as well as holdings in those forums that have been invited. And the reflection of everything than we are informed, what worries us, what we try to conceal, has its synthesis in the newsletter, which modestly serves as speaker for the association.

With this site we invite reflection without tension, informing and raising alternatives to the current development model, in excess linked to environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources. We should add every effort-and first from where we live, since locally-for environmental sustainability, maintenance of biodiversity, human health, air quality, water and soil are something else that wishful thinking. We hope that this is an open and participatory, where converge the aspirations of all those who we feel proud of these places and its unique historical and natural heritage.