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Información obtenida del grupo de trabajo de UNIFEM "END-VIOLENCE"

Dear members of the Working Group,

The Kiev based Psychological center "Rozrada" with support of UNIFEM Fund implemented the project "Prevention of violence against women: an educational and psychological training program". One of the main help for the victims is individual psychological work with these women. According to this Project there were carried out 489 individual consultations that were free for women. For today the most of the women that suffered from violence could not pay for the consultations due the economical crisis
situation in the time of society transitions.

We have positive results. Many women began to believe that they could stop violence against them, change their life and struggle for their human rights.  The next result of this activity - it is possible to stop violence in many families.

Unfortunately, now we have any financial support for the free consultations for women. There are a lot of women that need to continue the work with our specialists. Each day at least 3 women call to "Rozrada" for help and advice. We need only $500 per month to provide over 70 consultations (5 psychologists work with women).

We asked for financial support some International Funds. Now we are waiting for the answers. But we can not stop this work for any week!

We would be thankful for any help and advices.

Thank you for collaboration.

Valentina Bondarovskaya
E-mail: bond@iprinet.kiev.ua