100 seconds of peace



It's a message from the Ministry of Truth
(George Orwell: 1984)

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Bush, Blair and the other weirdos are getting prepared to start the first world war from the XXI Century, and some day we will have to explain to our children what we were doing meanwhile. "Our war" (a massacre paid for with our taxes, after all) and "in our name" is a crime not to be put up with. Hundreds of thousands of people are going to die and also  it will destroy our society that is built in democracy. If those that represent us declare war, we all become criminals. It has never been so clear that if we let one country destroy another one, we can become the next one to be attacked in the future.

It's out of doubt that the people that are trying to "govern" and their clowns are lying. This War is a crime against the Iraqi people and it's a swindle against us: they are fooling us. They think we are chastrated stupid... are we?. It is time for the citizens, no matter what ideology or social status, to get busy and stop the war by any means in our reach. We can't accept what is happening. The moral and civil choices that western citizens  face today are those the Germans faced while Hitler prepared to invade Polonia, preparing for WWII. The government is abusing of his power and we, the society, have to stop it.  Will we look away? will we swallow their bullshit? will we stand still meanwhile? what kind of future do we want for our children?

What we want

  • Give voice to the majority of the society that is against the war.

  • Show our representatives that we, the society, don't want the war in a way they can't ignore.

  • Strengthen the feeling of comunity resisting the war and encourage new ideas to resist and take action.

  • To change the outlook of all of those still unaware of what this war game is about.

 We want that every night, at nine o'clock, all the sirens to sound all over the city, in every city, from every hosehold, with the speakers to the street, while we turn off all the light of our homes: let the noise and darkness show our determination to stop this outrage.


Starting from right now, we invite all people concerned to take action:

  • Download the file 100_seconds.mp3 or get the CD (someone near you has one) with the same file but in WAV, so you can play it on a normal Hi-fi.
  • Every night, at 9 o'clock, turn off the lights of the buildings and all other lights you have control of.
  • At 9 o'clock sharp (or whenever you and your group agree) play the file as loud as you can with the speakers towards the street, so everybody can hear it. Play it several times if you want.
  • Copy the CD "100 seconds for peace" (or the files from the internet) and the CD cover with all the instructions, and distribute it around all your neighbors.
  • Send news of this action to your contacts.

Those who claim to represent us have decided to go to war disregarding all truth, all international law, all the rules of democracy, and the interests of their country. They will do it unless WE stop them. They don't deserve either respect nor obedience from respectable society.

The "100 seconds of peace" files

(The posters are not yet translated: if you make your own, you are welcome to send them to us).

(1 Mb)
A small sample of air attack sirens, so you can play it, open all windows and turn up the volume. Don't they want war?
Explanation of the campaign
Our first press release initiative explained (in spanish yet, sorry).
CD Cover
A PDF file that contains all basic instructions on how to play the CD. To be folded into small envelope where you can keep the CD you copy for your friends.
Text from the CD Cover
The CD cover text with all the instructions in TXT format so you can change it as you wish and design your own cover.
Banner "No War"
A very basic A4 sign to post in so people can interpret the alarms and understand why you are doing this. In case you don't have any other antiwar poster around.
Poster warning people
DIN A4 size. You can print it and stick them to the wall. You can also design your own. Send if you want, so we can post it here.
Poster for cafeterias, bars and the like So you can leave there CDs to reach people you wouldn't otherwise.