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Political Prisoners Harassed

On February 21 the Mexican League for the Defense of Human Rights (LIMEDDH) called on the federal government to stop harassing the brothers Alejandro and Antonio Cerezo Contreras, prisoners in the La Palma federal prison in México state. Prison authorities reportedly suspended their rights to visits and phone calls for five days starting February 13 as punishment for borrowing a copy of the daily La Jornada.

Along with a third brother, Héctor Cerezo Contreras, the Cerezo Contreras brothers were picked up in connection with the explosions of three small bombs in Mexico City banks and were accused of guerrilla activity. Prosecutors eventually dropped references to the bombs and rebel groups, but won convictions on charges of organized crime, terrorism and illegal weapons possession. On December 10, 2002, a Third Federal District court sentenced the brothers to 13 years and three months in prison; a co-defendant, Pablo Alvarado Flores, was sentenced to 10 years. (Equipo Nizkor urgent action 2/21/03; Boletín Comité Cerezo 12/12/02, 2/15/03)