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What is CIPO-VAN / ¿Qué tal con CIPO-VAN?

Date Posted: 17, 11, 2006
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CIPO-VAN is a Vancouver-based grass roots activist organization committed to creation of community and transnational networks. Our primary focus is the dissemination of information and perspectives on autonomous community organizations and the strengthening of public awareness and civil society through public events and alternative media. Our areas of interest are aboriginal cultural rights, sustainable community living, and resolutions to cultural and economic discrimination. We are composed of students, professionals, Canadians, Mexican and Internationals of different cultures. We are guided and inspired by many aspects of indigenous Mexican culture including food, fiesta and communal participation. We take our example from indigenous activist groups like the Indigenous Popular Council of Oaxaca "Ricardo Flores Magon" and the Zapatistas among others.

To find out more, contact: cipo.van@gmail.com

Guelatza and Tequio

Free, voluntary work for te benefit of the community. / Trabajo gratuito voluntario para benificio de la communidad.

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