Tourism Awareness Campaign

Date Posted: 22, 12, 2006
Keywords: travel advisory campaign leaflet tourism mexico consul tourist board

On December 22, the international day of action for Oaxaca, we went to the consulate with other members of the Other Campaign in Vancouver to protest government violence against the APPO and community resistance to corrupt government happening now in Oaxaca.

We also took this opportunity to work a travel advisory campaign that has been ongoing for the past months to raise awareness about travel to Mexico among the travelling public in Canada. Travellers should be aware of the Human Rights abuses that the state government of Oaxaca under governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz has been perpetrating against citizens in the state. Felipe Calderon and the federal government of Mexico are fully aware of these illegal abuses, are fully complicit in them, and have deployed 5,000 federal police to Oaxaca in order to help repress peaceful resistance to corrupt government.

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