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Repression Against Peaceful March to Mark the Massacre of '68 in Tlatelolco

Date Posted: 3, 10, 2009
Keywords: tlatelolco massacre repression prison detention detenidos
Protest against the represion of students in Tlatelolco 1968

As in previous years, on the 2 of October, student movements mobilized across Mexico to protest the masacre that occured in '68.

In the city of Oaxaca de Juarez, capital of the Southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, at 2:30 pm, students from different schools, highschools, junior high schools, universities, organizations and collectives began to gather for the demonstration at "Preparatoria No. 2".  At 3 pm more than 5 pickup trucks from the police arrived to isolate and intimidate the demonstrators.

The manifestation took place to protest the repression and assassinations that happened in 1968 and at the same time denounce the repression that the people of the state of Oaxaca continue to experience under the rule of the tyrant Ulises Ruiz Ortiz.  During the march the police continued to threaten the protesters wielding their weapons and   More...

Government Repression in San Isidro Begins Again

Date Posted: 2, 2, 2009
Keywords: sanis san isidro government repression represion



Las mujeres, hombres, niños, niñas, abuelitos y abuelitas que integramos el Consejo Indígena Popular de Oaxaca “Ricardo  Flores Magón”, CIPO-RFM; Una vez  mas denunciamos que el gobierno del estado de Oaxaca Ulises Ruiz Ortiz junto con el gobierno federal Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa, además la SEMARNAT y CONAFORT atreves de la PGJE y la PGR en complicidad con los paramilitares del Municipio de San Miguel Aloapam secuestraron este jueves 29 de enero a cuatro ciudadanos de San Isidro Aloapam en una emboscada en el paraje llamado la tolva. los hermanos  habían salido al Municipio de San Pedro Yolox a llevar una maquina  pesada retroexcavadora para hacer trabajos en dicho Municipio, pero resulta que a su regreso a la comunidad siendo aproximadamente a las diez de la mañana    More...

Remembering Ricardo Flores Magon

Date Posted: 20, 11, 2008
Keywords: Ricardo Flores Magon CIPO-VAN

Remembering Ricardo flores Magon

November 21, 1022 marks the day when one of Mexico's most influential and committedanarchists died. Ricardo Flores Magon has inspired people throughout the world, and has certainly inspired us. So, tonight we go out to the streets and do a little public education by spreading his word.

A little gesture to show that his spirit is still alive.

 === Bio adapted from Wikipedia =) ===

Ricardo Flores Magón was born on September 16, 1874 in San Antonio Eloxochitlán, Oaxaca. He died on November 21, 1922 at Leavenworth Penitentiary in Kansas, USA. He was a noted Mexican revolutionary who explored the writings and ideas of early anarchists Mikhail Bakunin and Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, and was influenced by contemporaries Errico Malatesta and Anselmo Lorenzo, among others.

Most influential to him was Peter Kropotkin.

Ricardo was one of the major thinkers of the Mexican Revolution and the   More...


Support and accompaniment needed for Miguel Cruz Moreno, Leonardo Ortiz Cruz and Marco Antonio Rojas Lázaro.

Date Posted: 25, 10, 2008
Keywords: CIPO-RFM repression justice human rights Brad Will APPO Other Campaign Otra Campaña URO Calderon PGR

[ALERT] Brad Will's case requires international support


Support and accompaniment needed for Miguel Cruz Moreno, Leonardo Ortiz Cruz and Marco Antonio Rojas Lázaro.


The family of independent journalist Bradley Will, murderedin Oaxaca on October 27, 2006, visited Oaxaca in March of 2007 in order to accompany 4 eye witneses whose account of the events leading to their son's murder challenged the hypothesis presented by the Attourney General's Office, which holds that members of the social movement killed Brad Will, and to demand that the true murderers, paramilitary troops aligned to the PRI political party of the municipalty of Santa Lucia del Camino, be punished for their cowardly acts.

Just a few days away from the second anniversary of Brad Will's death, the Attourney General's Office, through the Fourth Judicial Court in Oaxaca, has issued arrest warrants against memebers of the social movement and has   More...

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