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Oil, dollar volatility and ALBA (Latin America)

Wednesday 10 September 2008 by CEPRID
Toni Solo CEPRID At the end of July, Alberto Guevara, Nicaragua’s Treasury Minister, just back from a successful meeting with the IMF in Washington, remarked, "...now, at a time when we really are beginning to have some success in our macroeconomic programmes, we are beginning to be affected (...) > continue

Nicaragua : do what we want or else... (Latin America)

Wednesday 20 August 2008 by CEPRID
Toni Solo CEPRID Anyone stepping back from the recent hyped-up drama engineered by the minority right wing parties in Nicaragua and their overseas allies will see all the tell-tale signs of yet another instance of NATO country government intervention in the region. The national march led by (...) > continue

The Foggy Bottom Cuckoo: editions worldwide (Latin America)

Wednesday 30 July 2008 by CEPRID
Toni Solo CEPRID The US State Department’s little known but widely read propaganda sheet, the Foggy Bottom Cuckoo, has editions in the liberal press of most Western Bloc countries. In the US, it usually pokes its beak out of the Washington Post or the New York Times. In Spain, it mostly fools (...) > continue

Colombia : false positives (Latin America)

Friday 20 June 2008 by CEPRID
Gloria Gaitán Aporrea (Gloria Gaitán is the daughter of Jorge Eliécer Gaitán whose murder in 1948 signalled the beginning of 60 years of violent conflict and civilwar in Colombia. ) False positives is a local term from the aftermath of 9/11 applied to totally fabricated, supposedly "terrorist", (...) > continue

Clueless in Latin America (Latin America)

Saturday 10 May 2008 by CEPRID
Toni Solo CEPRID 10 - V - 2008 Corporate globalization and its equally misshapen twin, the fake "war on terror", look like the Western Bloc’s last crooked chance to sustain a few decades longer its member countries’ habitual global power and privilege. John Pilger has noted that seven months (...) > continue

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