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Colombia : false positives (Latin America)

Friday 20 June 2008 by CEPRID
Gloria Gaitán Aporrea (Gloria Gaitán is the daughter of Jorge Eliécer Gaitán whose murder in 1948 signalled the beginning of 60 years of violent conflict and civilwar in Colombia. ) False positives is a local term from the aftermath of 9/11 applied to totally fabricated, supposedly "terrorist", (...) > continue

Condolezza Rice was right : a new Middle East is being born (Middle East)

Friday 20 June 2008 by CEPRID
Alberto Cruz CEPRID The Doha Agreement for Lebanon has clarified a new re-ordering of the map of the Middle East. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was correct when, during the Israeli war against Lebanon in the summer of 2006, while Israeli planes bombed that Arab country’s civilian (...) > continue

The solution to the conflict originated by Israel is a Palestinian State (Middle East)

Friday 30 May 2008 by CEPRID
Agustin Velloso CEPRID 1. The current debate on what is better: one State or two. The number of articles and statements about the solution to the Palestinian conflict has increased notably during 2008. The increase accompanies the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel, established on May (...) > continue

Four days that shook the Middle East (Middle East)

Friday 30 May 2008 by CEPRID
Alberto Cruz CEPRID The taking of Beirut by Hizbollah militants and their allies from May 7th to May 11th foiled a political military operation supported by the US and Saudi Arabia against Lebanese patriotic nationalist forces meant to weaken and defeat Hizbollah decisively . Since Hizbollah (...) > continue

AIDS and the contradictions of Spanish development cooperation in Equatorial Guinea (Africa)

Tuesday 20 May 2008 by CEPRID
Agustin Velloso 20 - V - 2008 CEPRID At the end of October 2007 in Madrid, Spanish President Zapatero promised 0.7% of GDP towards development aid during some workshops promoted by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and presided over by Queen Sofía. As he did (...) > continue

Egypt and Lebanon : two labour strikes, a strategy and one reality (Middle East)

Tuesday 20 May 2008 by CEPRID
Alberto Cruz 20 - V - 2008 CEPRID On April 6th a general strike was called in Egypt. One month later, on May 7th, another one was called in Lebanon. The causes were the same in both countries : calls for an increase in the minimum wage and improvements to workers’ statutory benefits and also (...) > continue

Clueless in Latin America (Latin America)

Saturday 10 May 2008 by CEPRID
Toni Solo CEPRID 10 - V - 2008 Corporate globalization and its equally misshapen twin, the fake "war on terror", look like the Western Bloc’s last crooked chance to sustain a few decades longer its member countries’ habitual global power and privilege. John Pilger has noted that seven months (...) > continue

Fly Airbus A330-300 to Malabo : why everyone is heading to the heart of darkness (Africa)

Thursday 10 April 2008 by CEPRID
Agustín Velloso CEPRID 10 - IV - 2008 Starting April 1st, 2008, Lufthansa offers 295 seats, three times a week, in a superb Airbus for anyone wanting to travel from Frankfurt to Malabo, Equatorial Guinea’s capital city. It now seems incredible that in the 90’s only Iberia flew to Malabo, from (...) > continue

Lebanon - a cold war getting hotter all the time (Middle East)

Thursday 10 April 2008 by CEPRID
Alberto Cruz CEPRID 10 - IV- 2008 "Lebanon, a small country, perhaps destined to play a great part in the future, not just of the MIddle East but of the whole Arab world." With that remark some friends bade me farewell over a year ago in Beirut’s airport. The capital was beginning to put itself (...) > continue

Iraq, the US trump to avoid a dollar collapse (Middle East)

Sunday 30 March 2008 by CEPRID
Alberto Cruz CEPRID 30 - III - 08 Do you remember the proposal of Iran and Venezuela to OPEC in October 2007 on the need to open a debate in the organization about whether or not to continue using the dollar as the payment currency for a barrel of oil? That proposal which caused such a fuss (...) > continue

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