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Lebanon’s Ebenezer Scrooge (Middle East)

Friday 25 December 2009 by CEPRID
Franklin Lamb CEPRID Surely we should all have known better. It was just too good to last. It seemed to some Americans in Lebanon that nearly all the Lebanese and their political leaders were ready to try to more of less work together for the good of the country. Many even seemed to be (...) > continue

Somalia: When is a pirate not a pirate? (Africa)

Wednesday 11 November 2009 by CEPRID
Agustín Velloso Santisteban CEPRID Oh, the pirates! What a nice word. It brings us sweet memories from our childhood. Unscrupulous, merciless, astute characters, and today armed with automatic guns. We are longing to see before the High Court in Madrid, Spain, the two Somali pirates captured (...) > continue

The UN reforms in circle: “responsibility to protect” (Other)

Friday 30 October 2009 by CEPRID
Alberto Cruz CEPRID The Nobel Prize awarded to the United States President is a sarcastic joke ; they say he received it for his work in favour of a New World Order and for his “move towards multilateralism”. But if anyone has worked hard for that New World Order and for multilateralism so as (...) > continue

War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity And Genocide In Iraq (Middle East)

Legal Case Filed Against 4 U.S. Presidents and 4 UK Prime Ministers
Tuesday 13 October 2009 by CEPRID
By The Brussels Tribunal The Spanish Senate, acting to confirm a decision already taken under pressure from powerful governments accused of grave crimes, will limit Spain’s laws of universal jurisdiction. Yesterday, ahead of the change of law, a legal case was filed at the Audiencia Nacional (...) > continue

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied: Decision of Palestinian Leadership and International Pressure an Insult to the Victims (Middle East)

Tuesday 13 October 2009 by CEPRID
Adalah - Addameer - Aldameer - Al Haq - Al Mezan - Badil - Civic Coalition for Jerusalem - Arab Association for Human Rights - DCI-Palestine - ENSAN Centre – ITTIJAH - Independent Commission for Human Rights - Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Centre - Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - (...) > continue

The Situation in Lebanon and the Region (Middle East)

Tuesday 1 September 2009 by CEPRID
A report issued by the foreign relations committee of the Lebanese Communist Party The past period, after President’s Obama’s visit to the region, was characterized by a multitude of critical developments and milestones, which had consequences on the internal Lebanese situation with effects in (...) > continue

The US War against Iraq: The Destruction of a Civilization (Middle East)

Tuesday 1 September 2009 by CEPRID
James Petras August 2009 Introduction The US seven-year war and occupation of Iraq is driven by several major political forces and informed by a variety of imperial interests. However these interests do not in themselves explain the depth and scope of the sustained, massive and continuing (...) > continue

Equatorial Guinea 2009: thirty years with Obiang and twenty with the opposition (Africa)

Friday 14 August 2009 by CEPRID
Agustín Velloso CEPRID Next August, the 3rd, few in Equatorial Guinea will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the coup d’état led by Teodoro Obiang Nguema against Macias Nguema, his uncle and the head of the State. Obiang’s government refers to what happened with these words: “In 1979, after the (...) > continue

Honduras : a defining moment – the West discredited, ALBA vindicated (Latin America)

Sunday 12 July 2009 by CEPRID
Toni Solo CEPRID The coup in Honduras has made it clearer than ever that rich country corporate media and their regional media partners deliberately misinform and disinform. Over the last year, events like the municipal elections in Nicaragua, Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza, the elections in (...) > continue

Ethics for the New Era (Other)

Sunday 12 July 2009 by CEPRID
Leonardo Boff Theologian Earthcharter Commission No society, either past or present, lives without an ethic. As social beings, we need to develop a certain consensus, restrain certain actions and create collective projects that give meaning and direction to history. Today, due to (...) > continue

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