Proceedings of the Beirut International Forum - Closing Statement

To support Peoples’ Anti-Imperialistic Resistance and the building of Alternatives to Globalization

Monday 2 February 2009 by CEPRID

On the initiative ( ) and the support of several research centers, associations, syndicates and political, cultural and social movements, The Beirut International Forum was held on 16, 17 and 18 January 2009, attended by Arab and international delegations and eminent authorities from five continents (66 countries).

This Forum, in which South America, Asia and Near East were massively represented, embodied the spirit of the Tricontinental centre. Two major topics characterized the Forum. On one hand, the heroic resistance by the Palestinian people of Gaza and their ability to confront an intense violence and unprecedented barbarity. On the other, capitalism’s global crisis, which is not only financial but also on economic, social, cultural and moral fronts, thus posing a threat to the survival of humanity itself.

Principles and rights

The Forum declares that:

· All Peoples have the right to resist. This right must be inalienable, supported by the entire international community and recognized as such within international law;

· The resistance’s fight against colonialism can’t be detached from the struggle carried out by world revolutionaries and free individuals when facing global capitalism, imperialism, militarization and destruction of social achievements. These have been the product of the working classes’ tenacious struggles for two hundred years;

· Peoples have the right to sovereignty over their own natural resources. Right to nourishment, health and education prevail over all commercial stakes;

· Every culture has to be able to help build humanity’s common good with respect for nature, the supremacy of human needs and a democratic management of societies;

· The right to democratic participation must be exerted not only on a political level but also on an economic one and it appliesth to men and women alike;

· The right to cultural differentiation and freedom of worship without any cultural or racial stigmatization.

Campaigns and resolutions

· Concerning Gaza:

The Forum’s attendees declare their support of the Palestinian people’s resistance of Gaza. They condemn the terrorism, crimes, violations of the rule of law and disregard for human value, which Israel has inflicted on these populations.

Moreover, they call for:

1- Applying severe sanctions against Israel, such as: calling off relations and covenants and forbidding any sale of weapons to this country;

2- Legal proceedings against states and companies selling weapons to Israel;

3- Urging the EU to put an end to all economic, political and cultural relations with Israel and to cancel all the covenants and agreements linking it with this country;

4- Holding an international conference in order to judge war crimes and crimes against humanity inflicted upon Gaza’ s population, as well as economic and environmental crimes, and to bring to court the persons accountable for these actions, as well as for those committed in Lebanon in 2006;

5- Restoring UN Resolution 3379 which classifies Zionism as racism, and ousting Israel from the UN;

6- Launching an international campaign for rebuilding Gaza, lifting the blockade and having political prisoners released.

· Concerning the support to the resistance and the anti-imperialistic struggle

1- The Forum participants expressed their support for both the Palestinian and Lebanese resistances against Israeli occupation, as well as to the Iraqis’ fight against American occupation. In addition, they back the Iraqi people’s endeavors to preserve their territorial unity.

2- The participants declare their support for self-determination for the Afghan people and to their struggle against the American and Atlantic occupation.

3- The participants salute Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Bolivian President Evo Morales for their support to the peoples’ resistance. They express total endorsement of their fight against US’s interference in South America.

4- They call for lifting the embargo on Cuba and the release of Cuban prisoners detained in US’ prisons.

5- The participants condemn alliance between the USA and the government of Colombia which for four decades has terrorized its own people and work to destabilize the progressive regimes of the Latin America. Also they bring their support to the revolutionary movements in fight against this regime.

6- They demand the establishment of an international league of Parliamentary members in order to uphold the peoples’ right to resistance and self-determination, in order to restore accords relevant to the defense of civilian populations.

7- They urge the creation of an international media network that may expose the mendacious propaganda concerning Israel’s character and crimes.

8- Carrying on the moral imperative to judge war crimes, namely bringing to court the people responsible for the war crimes committed in Lebanon in 2006.

9- Launching a campaign to enforce the consultative advice by the International Court of Justice concerning the wall’s ethnic segregation in Palestine.

10- Setting up an international network with the aim of coordination between local delegations during crises and wars.

11- Refusing threats and provocations by the US against Iran with regard to its right to develop its nuclear program for civil purposes within the context of international laws. Refusing, likewise, the threats of war by the US towards Syria and Sudan.

12- Opposing American attempts to make international and humanitarian laws ineffective under the pretext of the war on terror.

· The participants suggest the following as alternatives to the market’s blackmail:

1- Excluding agriculture and feeding-related sectors from the international negotiations contemplating the privatization of markets (GATT, OMC…)

2- Turning down accords and international policies that allow corporations to control living organisms thus jeopardizing biodiversity.

3- Setting up in opposition to Sarkozy’s neo-liberal project, a Mediterranean Common Market (leaving out the colonial state of Israel) based on fair trade between customers and producers, from the north and the south of the basin as well as within each country. All this is to be performed within a process for building a great region in Mediterranean area.

4- Fighting the excessive exploitation carried out by industrial fishing in favor of artisan fishery, by guaranteeing social costs.

5- Preserving the common asset of humanity and the fundamental resources for living. Developing organic agriculture and using renewable energy sources.


Organizations having adhered, supported and/or taken part in the Forum

not appearing in this list many organizations which will be added thereafter

1. L’union de la jeunesse démocratique Lebanon

2. Parti Communiste Libanais Lebanon

3. Réseau des organisations de la jeunesse Palestinienne Palestine

4. The party of Dignity Egypt

5. The popular campaign to break the siege on Gaza

6. KIFAYA (le mouvement egyptien pour le changement) Egypt

7. Union of Democratic youth Lebanon

8. Egyptian women issues Association Egypt

9. Palestinian youth organizations network Palestine

10. Fédération des Syndicats marocains Morocco

11. AMCI (The Medi terranean agency for International cooperation Morocco

12. Arab youth council- and the walkto the arab parliament Morocco

13. Data and strategic studies center Syria

14. El Badil regroupement anti globalization Syria

15. Socialist thinking forum Jordan

16. Organisation des socialistes révolutionnaires Egypt

17. All-union Communist Party of Bolsheviks

18. ALDEA Spain

19. Paloma valverde of CEOSI Spain

20. Pamplona – Navarra Spain

21. sodepao Spain

22. Scottish Palestine solidarity campaign Scotland

23. Left Radical of Afghanistan Afghanistan

24. Left revolutionary resistance Afghanistan Afghanistan

25. Revolutionary association of the women of Afghanistan (RAWA) Afghanistan

26. The Marxism – Leninism Today Germany

27. Defend Palestine NY – committee USA

28. International action center – USA USA

29. National Council of Arab Americans USA

30. The US campaign to end the Occupation USA

31. Women for mutual security – north America USA

32. American student in AUC USA - Lebanon

33. Campaign Iran England

34. Friends of Lebanon England

35. Friends of the Earth Middle East (Eco Peace) England

36. Friendship Across frontiers England

37. Pakistan institute of labor and education research England

38. Stop the war coalition The National England

39. The youth Group: Fist-Fight imperialism stand together England

40. Troops out now coalition England

41. West African bar association England

42. Islamic Motalefeh Party Iran

43. Neda Institute Iran

44. Anti-imperialist Camp Italia

45. IAPSCC Italia

46. International Federation for peace and conciliation Italia

47. L’altra Lombardia – Sulatesta Italia

48. La Pluma Italia

49. Nino Pasti foundation Italia

50. Party CARC Italia

51. Socialist party chowdhury Bangladesh

52. Csutbc Bolivia

53. EGTKK / Bolivia

54. Global peace and justice coalition Turkey

55. Tayad (association of the solidarity and aid between prisoners families) Turkey

56. The Cultural center of IDIL Turkey

57. The East Conference Turkey

58. The Front of peoples Turkey

59. Turkish Youth Union Turkey

60. Droit des femmes pour le developpement Alger

61. Rachda Association Alger

62. AICPB –Russia Russia

63. Coordinateur national du RTAS Senegal

64. Nord Sud XXI Switzerland

65. The international student and youth Movement (ISUM) Switzerland

66. MLCP North Kurdistan

67. Democrats Against Occupation Iraq

68. Youth Aid Foundation International Ghana

69. Edition Democrate BIP France

70. Journal Democrate France

71. De Primera Mano Venezuela

72. Azequiel Zamora Venezuela

73. APORREA Venezuela

74. NDF Philippines

75. The Cyprus peace council Cyprus

76. Soryana – cute Lebanon

77. Word Federation of Trade Unions Lebanon

78. FWB / PANAB Libya

79. Offensiv, journal for socialism and peace Germany

80. Nasyo Mauritius

81. Committee of Norway Norway

82. The party red – Norway Norway

83. Campanti imperialista Austria

84. Communist Party in Nepal (CPN) Nepal

85. Lagos state university Nigeria

86. University of Ibadan Nigeria

87. All India anti-imperialist forum India

88. All India democratic youth organization India

89. All India mahila sanskritic snagathan India

90. All India united trade union congress India

91. International Council of friendship and solidarity with soviet people India

92. Socialist unity center of India India

93. Campaign Genova 2001 Greece

94. Geneva call program officer middle east Greece

95. Greek delegation; "M.A.D.I.S.A." center for alternative Greece information and study of the Middle East

96. "M.A.D.I.S.A." Center for Alternative Greece information and study of the Middle East

97. Stop the war coalition – Greece Greece

98. The Greek committee for international detente and peace (EEDYE) Greece

99. Women mutual security Greece World Peace Council

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