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Genoa Police Breach Human Rights: Allow Contact with Richard and Nicola!

Sunday 22 July 2001

British Citizens Imprisoned in Genoa Denied Contact with Consul: Public Figures Call for Immediate Action
Leading campaigners and human rights lawyers are demanding that the Italian authorities allow the British consul to contact British citizens currently held in Genoa.

The two Britons are Richard Moth, aged 31, and Nicola Docherty, aged 28. They were present last night at the headquarters of the Genoa Social Forum, the umbrella group which has co-ordinated groups in Genoa committed to peaceful protest. The police raided the Genoa Social Forum building last night. Reports, including an eye-witness account by a BBC reporter, indicate that many people were locked in the building and severely beaten by police.

Richard and Nicola were both beaten by police. They were then taken to hospital, and from there into police custody.

Both Richard and Nicola are members of the anti-globalisation group Globalise Resistance. They are also members of public sector union UNISON, and went to Genoa as representatives of their union. They both work as Support Workers for people with learning disabilities. Neither of them attended the Direct Action protests which took place on Friday. The peaceful march on Saturday was the first demonstration Nicola had attended in her life.

The British Consul has attempted to contact Richard and Nicola. The Italian authorities are refusing to allow the Consul to make a 2-minute phone call to tell them that the Consulate and their friends are trying to get them released from custody. We believe that diplomatic pressure should be exerted to allow the phone call, and to ensure the release of these two people.

Liz Davies - former Labour Party NEC member, Socialist Alliance
Mike Marqusee - Socialist Alliance
John Lister - Socialist Alliance
Geoff Martin - Chair, London UNISON
Cllr Dave Nellist - National Chair, Socialist Alliance
Louise Christian - Human rights lawyer
Jim Nichol - Human rights lawyer
Paul Foot - Campaigning journalist
George Monbiot - Guardian columnist and author of Captive State

Contact: Jonathan Neale, Globalise Resistance (currently in Genoa) 0795 847 8643
Colin Wilson, Globalise Resistance, 020 8986 3531