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dossier about violations of civil and human rights

how to make a mirror of this documentation

The antig8 archive aims to gather information in a way as more reproducible as possible, being easy to mirror and to mantain, able to survive to the natural decay of webservers and weblinks: spreaded and time resistant information becomes impossible to censor and to localize, while representing a complete dossier addressing an important historical event, in the consciousness that - politically speaking - the memory of such events being documented here is the most hard and important thing to keep fresh thru time.

You can download all the documentation gathered here issuing a simple command on a webcrawler, instructions are included using wget which is a command line tool available for most platforms. the mirror actually requires about 50M on your server's harddisk.

Let's go thru some simple mirror installation steps:

UNIX users: wget is a utility which comes often with unix distributions
            including linux and *bsd, check out if you have it by issuing
            the command "wget" on the console, if you get "command not
            found" you may download it from here.
WIN users: you can download compiled binary of wget here, and SSL libs here.
           Then you should move .dll libraries in your c:\windows\system
           directory and you're ready to start wget from commandline.
           Put then wget into your executable path (mostly c:\windows\command)
           or directly into the directory you're going to create the /antig8.

Start mirroring: from a command line go into the directory in which you
     want the /antig8 directory to be created, and which is served from
     your webserver, and issue this command:
     wget -o mirror.log -x -nH -r -m -L
     this will download all the necessary files and create a log of the
     operations into the mirror.log text file.

Update the mirror: you can issue the same command used to create the
     mirror also for updating it, wget will keep track of date of creation
     on every file and update them only when necessary.

thanks for helping information to be free!

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